Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Volunteer Opportunity in Staten Island

There is a volunteer location for Friday, Nov. 9, on Staten Island. Anyone interested, please report at 7am, at the FEMA tent on Father Capadano Blvd. and Hunter Ave.

Please bring your tools, including a hammer, sheetrock knife, pry bar and hard hat. Also, please wear you carpenter hat, shirt and/or jacket. For more information and to check in call Chris Wallace, who will be on location, at 917-376-5513 .

Also, anyone who is willing and able to volunteer can contact the Carpenters Assistance Program and supply them with your contact information and when you are available.

If you would like to volunteer to help those devastated by Hurricane Sandy, you can call  the Labor Technical College at 212-727-2224.  Please be ready to provide your name, phone number and when you will be available.

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  1. Everyone who would normally waste time doing rats should be out doing cleanup.
    In New Orleans, the Americans were paid to cry and whine while the Mexicans came in to fix everything. History should not repeat- Union hats have to be all over the affected areas.


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