Sunday, December 2, 2012

Audio Recording Meetings

What position should a Local Union take if a Member asks to audio record a meeting or if a Member simply start recording the meeting while it is in progress without asking for permission?

With the proliferation of electronic equipment in today’s world, any Member attending a meeting can record the meeting.

A Member may want to record a meeting so that he can review the recording later to ensure that the minutes of the meeting are accurate and complete. A Member may want to record a meeting so that he can prove the Local is not treating him fairly. However, when a Member turns on an audio recording device at a meeting, other Members may feel intimidated. Member may be afraid of saying something that is legally wrong and may not want to talk at the meeting if their every word is recorded.

How much privacy a person is entitled to in our society is the subject of legislation both federal and state. However, this legislation is geared towards dealing with the issue of privacy and government record keeping and private communications intercepted by the police.

How about the Local Union recording the meetings?

Just as important for the Local Union to encourage the free exchange of ideas and information of all the Members. It is the DUTY and OBLIGATION of the elected Officers of the Local Union to facilitate, preserve information and keep accurate records for the “benefit of the membership”.

Ever Member attending a general meeting of the Local Union should be aware that the Union has an obligation to ensure that accurate minutes of meetings are kept, including deliberations, decision-making and the results of any votes. Therefore, by attending Local Union meeting a Member is submitting to a certain amount of required record keeping. Having a recorded audio of the meeting would assist the Local Unions Recording Secretary, who is the elected Officer ultimately responsible for achieving this obligation. Having incorrect or inaccurate minutes creates serious issues for the Local Union and the Membership.

The Local Unions minutes must be made available to all Members, would it not be appropriate for the Local Union to audio record the meetings for the benefit and protection of the Membership?

However, Members may be much more intimidated if they are being recorded than if they know that Local Union is taking minutes of the meeting by hand or on a laptop computer.

It is the outcome of any discussion, decisions and votes at Local Union meetings that have lasting effect on the Local Unions operations and the Members. Is it not in the BEST interest and betterment of the Local Union and the Members that the outcome of these meetings discussions, decisions and votes be audio recorded for accuracy, details and an archived record of events?

The Local Union and the Members should allow meetings to be audio recorded for the benefit, betterment and protection of the Local Union and the Membership. We are in 2012 not 1912 the audio recording of meetings is best practices in today environment.

My Comments, Opinions and Positions for the Benefit of the Members.

Joseph Passero
Local Union 1556


  1. Instead of a local president standing against the delegate meeting deficiencies, which he personally witnessed on a 90% basis, and calling that what it is, a monster of unbearable proportions Jesus he doesn't even use the words ensure transparency. Your audio recordings, in case ya didnt know contain the material which should be used to remove everyone of those DC idiot that spoke to us over the last three years.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ya've got the delegate body how many times violationg the by law over the last yeas WHAT GOOD OF YOUR RECORDINGS, WHAT ?

    1. Any recordings of you NOT telling the membership how you gave their private information to a convicted felon , and hiding the fact from them until the R O kicked you out on your ass even though you knew he was an ex-con ?

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