Sunday, December 9, 2012

Watch the NYCDCC Special Presidential Election Debate

Review Office Dennis Walsh held a Special Presidential Election debate on Wednesday, Dec. 5, watch the debate and meet the Candidates for District Council President.

Daniel Franco
Martin Maguire
Stephen McInnis
Jeremy Milin



  2. Daniel Franco, Martin Maguire, Stephen McInnis, Jeremy Milin

    After watching the entire debate, the gut instinct choice based on experience, wisdom, overall maturity, ability to think & speak on one's feet, honesty and ability to get along with others and speak with confidence - I'd have to say the obvious choice would be Jeremy Milin. He has the right mix of field & management experience, earned from the ground up, over time. He admits to not knowing it all, but very willing to work hard & learn where he may be lacking.

    Steve McGinnis has a full time job which requires his attention 24-7, per his own admission. At least that's the story he tells. Given that & his near 15-years in the role of Political Director, I'd say his plate is full & his acting as the NYCDCC President would obviously interfere with the time required & needed to be out in front on the legislative issues which will shape jobs 2-3 years down the road (again per his own admission). For those two reasons alone - he's out & needs to focus his efforts & stay where he is. His pig commentary gleaned a view into what he really thinks about rank & file men & woman; and, his closing apology aside shows a disdain for those who do wear the tools & break their ass day in, day out and fund their salary's, perk's & benefits. Now, if he said that & let it slip right in front of your eyes - what do you think he says behind closed doors when no one is around? Enough said!

    Martin MaGuire is too entrenched in the field & company mentality and has a very hostile & acerbic attitude and view of men & woman working from the Hall, the Locals, through the DC's Out of Work List. He comes across as I'm great & the rest of you suck, that's why I got my 27-years & you don't. He's too old, to inexperienced in the business arena and would be a liability for the DC akin to Lebo, when meeting with business professionals.

    Dan Franco although he has good intentions comes off as nervous, inexperienced and has a bad habit of nervous laughter at inappropriate moments. Too much focus on the rules & particularly Parliamentary Procedure. 700 pages & change of English common law, a leftover relic Parliamentary Procedure is; and we live in a modern, dynamic fast paced world in the City that never sleeps. Did we not defeat the damn British to escape this crap or what? Business needs to move swiftly in the ever changing Global World we all live in. We cannot get bogged down with utter nonsense & hold debate for the sake of debate, or seeing who can rote memorize lengthy & unproductive rules which if followed would see nothing built and and even swifter loss of NYCDCC Man-Hours to the non-union element. That lack of wisdom & foresight to see down the road, although not disqualifying to him, sheds light on the fact that he needs to come up from a lesser road initially, either at the Local Union level or as a delegate and gain experience & especially confidence. He's just not there yet.

    1. Anonymous, to state, "Too much focus on the rules & particularly Parliamentary Procedure" indicates that you too do not understand or accept the role of the president. With your continuance, "700 the non-union element", you show large-scale ignorance, particularly in stating, "Did we not defeat the damn British to escape this crap or what?" Every established board/committee uses some set of rules of order to govern their affairs, from US Congress to corporate boards to boat clubs. With anything that has rules, if everyone knows the rules then we wouldn't have to stop so often to examine, explain or debate the rules; we would be able to get on with business with greater speed, more order and less error. Ultimately, you are attempting to create reasons why we should not abide by our own rules - UBC Constitution, NYCDCC Bylaws, Robert's Rule of Order, and even Collective Bargaining Agreements. Your argument is unpersuasive and unsustainable. Please know and understand, not abiding by law/rule is why the we have the Consent Decree, the RO, many removed and imprisoned former representatives. Not following our rules is why the Council has been trusteed three times since 1982 every 13 to 15 years, how the UBC/McCarron has obtained additional opportunities to dissolve our local unions, and why we have reduced medical benefits due to fraud.

  3. Now, the above is one man’s opinion. Having said that, this election will come down to two things:
    a) Ability to get out the Vote &
    b) Full Mobility.

    The two candidates on the Vote side are McGinnis & Franco with the former for Full Mobility & the latter against it. So, he who gets his people to the polls come December 20th should be the next DC President. Dan Franco has the momentum on his side over McGinnis given his recent run for EST. No doubt McGinnis has friends, but he has not run in the recent past, so on that score, Franco can & should win.

    As for Martin MaGuire & Jeremy Milin they both must realize the above & counter with an all out effort to overcome this disadvantage.

    Overall, two are Council employees & two are rank & file field men. Three support Full Mobility & one is against it. Each one of them has the potential to become a decent DC President.

    Your vote should come down to the candidate who will actually listen to the rank & file membership and conduct himself according to the wishes of the majority verses DC, International or Contractor Association edicts or threats.

  4. "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."
    George Bernard Shaw

  5. Jeremy leaning over to whisper to Stephen was foolish posture while people judging him for this position. Otherwise the gentleman who posted above at 1:48 AM was right on at that hour.

  6. you guys need to understand the role of the President - it is to run the meeting, which should be done in an orderly manner. It is NOT a paying job, ie, Lebo's paying job was not the President.

    How much time does it take to run the meeting?? The President has no power. It comes down to Franco or McInnis (son of Charles no relation McInnis).

  7. Well, it is a paying job, a stipend of $300 dollars per month I believe. $3,600 per year, unless additional duties or meetings require stipend payments.

    All four didn't seem to have a problem with that aspect of it, so it's for the love of the Union right?


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