Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Denis Sheil, A Great Union Leader Retires? You Decide...

On Friday November 20, 2009 Page Six had this posting:

"WORD is...Denis Sheil had an unlucky Friday the 13th. Seems the federal government would like to ask the former "Unity Team" partner a few questions. Sheils however is not in the talking mood, he advised his lawyers that he would have to plead the fifth if questioned. Sources say district council lawyer Gary Rothman advised Sheil to use his sick time and retire. Dennis was spotted last Friday cleaning out his desk."

It has been well documented at the UBC Hearings, both Pete Thomassen (salary $268,827) and Denis Sheil, (salary $253,500) among other things, turned a blind eye to contractor corruption and failed to protect our financial interest, yet these two men remained in positions of power. Why?

With the retirement of Sheil (rumored to collect a yearly pension over $200,000) on December 31 2009, Pete Thomassen, who Page Six is reporting will be fired, is the last remaining member of the disgraced "Unity Team".

Reprinted below from The Carpenter, winter 2009


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