Friday, November 20, 2009

Page Six

WORD is...Dennis Sheil had an unlucky Friday the 13th. Seems the federal government would like to ask the former "Unity Team" partner a few questions. Sheils however is not in the talking mood, he advised his lawyers that he would have to plead the fifth if questioned. Sources say district council lawyer Gary Rothman advised Sheil to use his sick time and retire. Dennis was spotted last Friday cleaning out his desk.


  1. Well, Seems he had the big ones to be involved in the untidy team, but when the temp gets warm, he watched the big ones fall off! So he can just not answer and retire...bulls---  he should be forced to testify and loose his retirement! I am disgusted with our society which allows people to be part of corruption, and when caught, are allowed to flee from paying for their involvement. What an example for future officials and others. I'll bet Pete is looking at his big ones shrinking right now!

  2. In all honesty, what did this man do for the last 9 years?  What is he going to do with his pom poms?
    Sneaky Pete and his coke head son
    O'dyer Law Firm


  3. Thanks for nothing!November 21, 2009 at 3:00 PM

    Thanks Dennis!  Top notch union man!  NOT
    Scumbag will take sick time and retire into the sunset.  Sucked every bit out the membership till the end.  You could have been a stand up guy and tell the truth!  Not part of the Unity Team Credo! JERK!

  4. In answer...Mo must go! As direvtor of Operations, er', what exactly was he directing if we are in such dissaray? $188,000 a year, for what? At least Danielson is helping the investigators on a daily basis. And what of Pete and his son, the hairless wonder? What is Spencer waiting for, the roof to cave in?

  5. Has this been confirmed??


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