Thursday, November 5, 2009

Page Six

We hear...THAT Douglas McCarron, the UBC general president is in town for a meeting with the Department Of Labor. While in town McCarron was spotted dining with Gov. Jon Corzine and Supervisor Frank Spencer in New Jersey.


  1. Tell John Mike said hello, sorry he couldn't make it. he was a bit busy.

  2. Anyone and no one!November 6, 2009 at 7:22 PM

    Mr. McCarron,

    Rumor has it that you were in NYC and possibly New Jersey on Nov 5th.  If this is the case I can't help but wonder why you did not call a special meeting, why haven't you addressed us in person, sir?

    In spite of the best efforts to mask the horrible state our DC is in some of us realize or at least suspect how truly damaged it is.  You called this supervision, it is on your orders, yet you can't come and talk to us?  I have to say, honestly and without hesitation or fear of recourse, I am truly disappointed in the handling of this matter by International and by you personally.

    Sir, do you realize the truly dire situation some of your members are in?  That members of NYCDCC collect food stamps and are on Medicaid?  Are you aware that we have exhausted multiple tiers of our unemployment, that the sand is nearly all at the bottom of the hourglass for some of us?  These are your members sir! 

    I realize these words are harsh, and maybe that's why you don't want to come around.  Maybe its because you are ashamed, maybe you are a little afraid of how you might be received, that you might get heckled or shouted down.  It's possible, but we don't know, and we are left to speculate.   Yes, harsh words indeed, harsh words because I am mad, I am disappointed and, above all I worry.  I worry because my benefits are running out, I worry about how I am going to feed my three children, this is no bullshit, this is real life.  I worry about how I am going to pay my bills, and how my once impeccable credit is now literally destroyed.  Most of all, ha, most of all, I worry that my union will be in such a sad state that it will be swept under a current of corruption, cheap illegal labor, member apathy, that once these crisis are over there will be no job for me.  That I will have spent at least two years hoping for something that will never come.

    I am not the only one, nationwide there must be hundreds of thousands like me in the building trades, maybe even millions.  My heart truly goes out to those who have the same or worse worries than I.  I truly feel for them on a level only one who is in the same situation can.  I truly worry for them.

    What do you worry about Mr. McCarron? 

  3. There is NOTHING McCarron can do that will erase the circus that is now known as NYCDCC.  We see your TRUE colors and we will never forget the arrogance  and contempt you have shown to nyc carpenters.  You spend time with Mike Forde in Novia Scotia and the man tested positive for cocaine the next day???  You knew that the man had a problem but did not care as long as Forde delivered the delegates needed for your election in Las Vegas.  You only fired him AFTER he publicly tested positive, all the while you knew how nyc was being run.  I hope and pray the FEDS never get tired of asking you all the right questions and i hope one day they catch you in your lies.  
    We will be watching who gets elected as delegates and watch your re-election in 2011, cause we know how close and dear it is to you.  
    Canada in NYC!!


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