Monday, August 15, 2011

Contract Negotiations Update

From The NYC District Council of Carpenters

**As reported at the August 10, 2011 District Council Delegate Meeting**

While significant progress has been made regarding contract negotiations we have yet to reach a final agreement. Therefore the District Council and our contractor associations have agreed to extend the terms and conditions of our previous contracts until August 19, 2011. Daily communication is ongoing and steady progress is being made to finalize Memorandums of Understanding between the District Council and several associations.

There is no strike or any other job action authorized at this time. In the event that a strike becomes necessary all Local Affiliates, District Representatives, Shop Stewards and Members will be notified. Thank you for your cooperation during these difficult times.

Please be advised that for all work performed under the jurisdiction of the New York City District Council of Carpenters the terms, conditions, wage and benefit rates will continue as is pending these negotiations.



  2. Lets all bend over,and get ready to get fucked!

  3. Bayner/congressmaan/asshole says there is no revenue problem, iif we give back anything, it will distroy everything, greed runs this country, unions are our only hope, riots on the strees of new york and washiington will happen and must happen. Thanks Doug for distroying our union

  4. So where is the written record of the alleged Negotiations? How many sessions have they recorded? Where is the disclosure & transparency?

    They're sitting on the same side of table, eating fine meals & swilling the suds.

    Everything you see or hear from the DC is the PR Fluff, the Spin to appease the gullible members and pretend that they're on your side, hard at work....blah, blah ("during these difficult times").

    When was the last time Frank Spencer had a difficult time? Please - save it Frank, that line went over like a lead ballon.

    How many steaks, lobsters & call girls have you billed the Council for? Difficult times my ars!

    Publish the record, put it on the the Table for all to see. Make it available at the DC with one of the so called watch-dogs - so members can read the proposals & counter proposals, or publish it online through the Rank & File's secure account and provide a link.

    Call RO Walsh on this. No second, third or fourth hand heresay - no lines about calling your delegate, adequate disclosure and 100% transparency, nothing less shall suffice.


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