Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Emergency Delegate/Executive Board Meeting

Wednesday August 3, 2011 @ 5:30PM 10th Floor Meeting Room at District Council

The District Council has called for an Emergency Meeting of all Delegates and Executive Board Members. Pending Negotiations and current updates will be discussed.

By William Davenport:

"Judge Berman did not rule yet on mobility. the delegates voted for the right to strike. the wc&c want four dollar give back for contract, strike may begin on Monday 8/8/11."

John's Prediction of tonight's meeting:

The District Council will announce a deal has been reached on a proposal to submit to the Court a Stipulation and Order (executed by the District Council, the Review Officer, and the U.S.Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York on behalf of the United States of America) permitting full mobility for signatory contractors. The proposed Stipulation and Order would require the implementation of the anti-corruption measures as a condition precedent to full mobility, and it would be submitted with signed collective bargaining agreements indicating the Employers' agreement to those requirements.


  1. Doug, Frank, and Johnny need blowjobs now run along BALLLICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Rubber stamps will give full mobility.

  4. Bring in the furlough system it's time tested and
    Puts everyone on a fair playing feild
    All company men will again be subject
    To the same conditions as all of us
    No where to run no where to hide now baby

  5. AUGUST 12, 2011, UBCJA's 130th Anniversary - 114 years of Elections & 16 years of a Dictatorship by McCarron. R.I.P.

    The Rio Grande Swim Team keeps Douggi's So West Regional Council afloat, because they won't challenge nothing for fear of deportation.

    All we need now is the Foreign Nationals - they work cheaper than the Non-Union and our own Illegal Alien all Cash Team.

    Now, if we only had a the company campsite & store, so they guys didn't have to drive home every night - that would be great. We could save all that gas money and campout at the site & p.u. a shift making sure no one breaks in or steals any tools.

    Too bad massive defections will ruin all those plans, all the easy money - quess it'll be back to sears or big & tall for those $300 buck suits, but it was good while it lasted


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