Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Contract Negotiations Update


The District Council continues to negotiate with the following contractor associations: The Cement League, The General Contractors Association, the Greater New York Floor Coverers Association, the Hoist Trade Association of New York, the Contractors Association of Greater New York, the Association of Wall Ceiling and Carpentry and the Concrete Contractors of New York.

On August 3rd the District Council presented the Delegates and local union officers with a status report on negotiations.  Since then we have met individually with the associations in the hope of reaching a fair and equitable agreement.  As of today Wednesday August 24th the conditions and financial terms offered by the associations have been deemed unacceptable.

As ratified at the August 3rd meeting the District Council reserves the right to strike if that becomes necessary in the near future.  In order for a potential job action to be successful the utmost cooperation from the membership is imperative.  Members will be advised of strike locations and actions through communications from the District Council.  We will use numerous methods to do this including but not limited to utilizing District Council Representatives, shop stewards, notification to local unions, direct member phone calls and through the District Council website.

The decision to go on strike is not one to be taken lightly but remains an option at our disposal.  We will continue to keep you updated as things progress.

Be advised that for all work performed under the jurisdiction of the New York City District Council of Carpenters the terms, conditions, wage and benefit rates will continue through August 26, 2011.

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