Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Roll Back Corrupt Forde era Assessments

The following email was sent today to the Executives Officers of the New York City District Council of Carpenters.

EST, Michael Bilello
President, Bill Lebo
Vice President, Mike Cavanaugh 


I applaud your recent initiative to no longer collect Working Dues and Working Dues Assessments through Vacation Benefit deductions. This has been a great issue of contention with the membership for to long.

It is time we take the next bold step and roll back the corrupt Forde era imposed working dues assessment and $500 fine for picket duty, which from its inception has been construed by the membership as extortion.

As you know the membership is grossly over assessed. I urge you and the Audit committee to review all assessments and working dues and recommend to the delegate body an elimination of these gross over assessments.

We should be fiscally responsible and hold our spending budget to the 1% assessment and per capita tax collected from each local.

The membership lives within a strict budget, so should our District Council.

Plain and simply, These working dues increase was a money grab by the corrupt Forde administration, administered by a policy of fear and intimidation that has not benefited the membership one iota.

The membership never voted on these working dues and it is adding insult to injury and a slap in the face to every member of this Union to keep these assessments in place.

Acting fiscally responsible with members money should be our top priority.

Its time to cut spending across the board, cut membership assessments and create a realistic and meaningful financial climate that benefits our membership.

(John Musumeci is an elected Local 157 Delegate to the Council and creator/editor of local157.blogspot.com)

cc: Delegates
     Review Officer, Dennis Walsh



  2. How about prosecuting people like Stuart Grabois, Pete Thomassen, Doug McCarron, Trustees David Meberg etc etc etc Hey Dennis Walsh its time to turn the firing squad on the REAL CRIMINALS that were named and there are many more Rich Tuccillo, CONBOY(Conflict of Intrest),Paul Caperso you know but you wont act kinda puts you on the criminal side too?

  3. We paid dues quarterly. That wasn't enough. We paid a 1 % assessment. That wasn't enough. Now an additional assessment. Then a $500 fee if we do not partake in 'union action'. When will these assessments stop and when will the union returned our hard earned money to us. Oh, maybe when the crooks get out of jail that stole it fromus. Please tell us again, what do YOU do with OUR money. I think you are all a disgrace.


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