Sunday, November 27, 2011

Civil Service Carpenters loose NYCDC prescription plan unless they pay $1,500 a yr out of pocket

By Donny Arana

I'm a NYC Civil Service Carpenter for 3 years now and last week I received this in the mail. This is from the same union (157) I pay my dues, do my picket duty and get assessed like everybody else. We just lost our prescription coverage, I'd like to personally thank the trustees that are on the top left hand corner of the letter below. And also, I'd like to thank the two Business Reps for the Civil Service Carpenters - Bill Lacey & Martin Lydon. This will also be happening to all NYCDCC Carpenters as well in the new year coming. They just wont announce it or deliver the bad news to the membership until after the District Council elections. If they did this will lessen the chances of the incumbents getting re-elected and loosing control of the District Council. Make sure you take a look at the names of the trustees at the top left hand corner of the page. THAT SAYS IT ALL!!
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  2. file a charge with the NLRB. This is a Unilateral change to your "terms & conditions" of Employment w/o Bargaining to Impasse, and w/o the UBCJA or Contractor Associations declaring same and walking away from the alleged Negotiations by the UBCJA International under the LMRDA Trusteeship and its extension.

    There are numerous charges here. Your Contract (CBA) is preserved as a matter of Law, not the whim of a benevolent Frank Spencer or some other Council hack who makes this false claim.

    You need to also bring these facts to the attention of Federal Judge Berman on December 20, 2011 at the next Court Conference.

  3. Stop crying Donny you work all year long suck it up we all know city guys don`t work as hard as the rest of us,you can argue this point to death but many city guys say this themselves how many paid days off a year do city carpenters get?????you actually have sick days no.....we the outside carpenters have been dragging our asses to work whether we are sick or not but you can stay home you claim to fame is you are a crybaby and a rockthrower go away

    1. Anonymous , we have a name for people like you and its not Carpenter. cop on .

    2. take a test

  4. Your right anonamous, sorry for crying.

  5. 27 vacation days 12 sick days 12 holidays,a full day off for donating blood = 5or 6 more days per year.Protected by 220 labor law that results in prev.wage retro checks,on avg two years after the outside signs there contract,5 days bereavment time for a close family member,also paid jury duty.A second pension which results the carp. payin in 6.85%percent the 10 year mark unlimited medical for you and your spouse at retirement time.annuity for hours worked,,gotta go now fingers are crampin up from all the terrible things mike powers bill lacey and martin lydon have been doin all these years,,so long and only the best too the most integral part of the carp. union the outside guys,where i came from.without your hardwork eachday we would not have a future raise too achieve. thankyou.

  6. How can you two outside carpenters have no empathy? Just because the man is in a little better a situation at work than you are?

    You r going 2 tell me n everyone else that if you were union you wouldn’t be upset about having 2 suddenly pay for prescrp coverage???

    This man explained his reasons and was more than the better of you two by understanding your point.

    It is ignorance that cannot understand another’s plight. This man probably took tests, like my father had to do to get to work full time 4 the city.

    Just because u are not in their shoes how dare you put them down as if they have such an easy life compared to you.

    We all break our backs in this society. You owe this man an apology and to anyone who has broke their backs as a carpenter for this city.

    Un-empathetic, until it comes to you, than you want the world to feel sorry for you by denying what this man is entitled to as if he doesn’t deserve his contract kept.

    See how fast you would be on his side defending his post if he could get u in the union.

  7. hey anonymous get all of your facts straight genius! our pay packages are equivalent, vacation check! whats that? we dont get that! plus we are $1 or two less than you per hour. jealous that we work year round? study and pass the test. Our dues is higher than yours with "assesments" so stop crying if you cant pass a test, support your brothers, we stand on the picket lines with you although we are not allowed to strike.

  8. Has anyone heard when the next city exam is going to offered?

  9. its no wonder something like this happens, its clear as a union we are not united, jealousy and lack of empathy is a hallmark in this union as is evident in the posts here, dont be so stupid as to think it will not happen to you too, like our rights in this great country, your entitlements that you have paid for all your life have been taken away with less than a months notice . this is only the begining ,

  10. It's a shame that union bros/sis are bickering over issues that effect us all, both civil service and "outside" carpenters well as all trades.

    Yes,we all will be loosing all benefits very soon....thanks to poor management,greed and corruption by the people that were voted into office...( both Union and Gov't)

    Will the union trustees or management trustee share in the same pain as the rank & file ? don't count on it !!

    I have been a carpenter for over 30 yrs..both on the outside and civil service...through good times & bad..these however have been the WORST times ever in my career...

    I sit at meetings listening to the BS from both sides...have also tried to make a difference,but was "struck down" by those who were "connected" to the bums ,who we as taxpayers are now supporting in their jail cells....

    Hats off to all that still believe in a strong carpenters union ,may they rise to the top and right these wrongs! Let their spirits live on !

    And may those souls who have DISGRACED their Union Brother&Sisters, just to line their own pockets,rot in their jail cells and suffer for what they have done...
    I truly hope they loose their benefits and pensions as well..(but we all know how that will turn out....)

    and yes , this is just the beginning....

  11. This is just what all the union busters want to hear,fighting amongst ourselves. Especially our wonderful mayor. They thrive on this. We need to stick together. I worked on the outside for almost 13 years before I took the city exam and passed. I was hired in 1990 so I've been on both sides of the coin. If people think we don't work hard here,come spend a day with me in the city agency for I work for. Plus we haven't had a raise in almost five years. The bottom line is if we don't stick together,there be no unions in the future.

  12. Scratch my balls with 40 grit sandpaper and stop cryin and dont vote for a chimp like obamagain and maybe the economy will improve.LABOR OMINA VINCIT

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