Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Update: 2011 District Council Officer Election

On October 26, Candidates for the 2011 District Council Officer Election were asked to respond to four essay questions prepared by Review Officer Dennis Walsh.  In this post I am featuring the response of Michael Bilello and Daniel J. Franco candidates for Executive Secretary Treasurer.

Candidate Essay Question



  2. Thanks Brothers, Dan & Mike, for your thoughtful contributions. No matter who wins, you both are very much appreciated for being on the forefront of the revitalizing of our Union. We look forward to your continuing commitment, knowledge, courage, and action.
    Demian Schroeder
    Local 45

  3. Mr Biello ,
    I am sure you have good things to say but I could not read anymore after someone tells us what great things rubber blow up rats are and how effective morons blowing whistles are. How can anything you say after that be credible..

    Mr Franco,
    (1.) Loss of market share, we must unionize the cheaper rate jobs. What would/did Mr. Franco as a signatory contractor pay??
    We can fix our market share loss by extorting the contractors further. The answer is we can be scary and tell them we are "Tracking their every move”‘their work is being noticed and tracked". That is so they can laugh at the UBC as they are doing now. We must not allow them to build a clientele base. As if you could do a damn thing about it and do they have that right. After all this is the USA and you really are only the little puffy OZ behind the curtains.
    We must convince the communities that it is best to build Union and then tell them. The UBC has a rule in place that they do not have to hire a single member who lives in that community. It’s called 100% mobility. We must not tell the communities the the UBC will be hiring "helpers' at reduced wages and no benefits and will manning your community jobs while your community UBC members sit home.

    We dont have enough organizers to spread the UBC moto “Join the UBC and we will screw you too”. We must empower all the members but first we have to make sure they will lie for the UBC. We must make sure the empowered membership never tell the worker or contractor that if they join the UBC they will be screwed and infested with corruption or controlled by UBC scum so bad they make the rest look like boy scouts.
    We must force the contractors to be more like the UBC and to become part of us. First they must go out and hire corrupt connected men to run their companies. Then they must find better and creative ways to screw their workers. They must cheat them out of benefits and wages. They must impose illegal and outrageous assessments on them. They must steal their money to build a palace in Las Vegas. They must destroy any democratic notions. Yes they must be like the UBC

    All we hear from Mr. Franco is extort, extort, extort and lie, lie and lie. Never in any of his essay did it say we must prove to the contractors that the UBC members are a better choice, that the UBC people are better trained and that the UBC are actually a better choice for them and their workers. He could never say it because the UBC is not the better choice. Mr. Franco knows this and yet he says extort and lie your way to a better market share. He say that if you make hi EST he will stop telling the truth about the UBC..The very reason he says you should elect him for..This is your future est??

    (2.).Umm.100 Mobility is thumb printing corruption programs, employee punch clocks and the same Bullshit Conboy and Walsh are trying to turn it into so they can present it to Berman as to get the anti corruption you must approve 100% mobility. Pure BS .Full or 100 mobility is the contractors being able to screw the owl list member or local community that live where the jobs are members by being able to bring in his entire crew and man the job at his discretion. Now that Walsh has proven he is god with his childish 500 word essay BS and ability to veto candidates not due to allegations of corruption or wrong doing but because he did not like the way they answered his BS essay these corruption programs can me in place with a snap of his finger and do not have to be tied in with approving 100% mobility.3 pages of explaining the anti corruption trash which has nothing to do with full mobility.

  4. (3).Benefits and Funds. “WE MUST INCREASE CONTRIBUTIONS INTO THE FUNDS”ARE YOU F..ING KIDDING ME. How much more do the members have to pay for mismanaged over blotted funds begin used by greedy men as cash cows for other purposes such as paying Walshs salary and hiring all these new overpaid cops.. Isn’t stealing more money from the members and increasing contributions a UBC policy in place for years. Others claim they can save 14% or more with no loss of benefits or increased contributions by eliminating over blotted funds and fat cat ignorant trustees

    (4)Nearly eliminate corruption. That is quite naive. All you are going to do is remove the illegal plunderers and corruption and replace them with legal plunderers and corruption whose cut of the members paycheck is going to make the illegal boys cut look like a welcome gift. Who do you think is gong to pay for all the new overseer cops and essay boy Walshs new programs. Do you think he will ask his poor “unjustly accused of corruption” and “unfairly accused of complicity in the NYCDC failure” friends at the UBC to pay for any of his delusions and new plans to keep you safe from robbers. Who is gong to keep you safe from the legal robbers. Transparency is the cure!!! It is the answer!! The UBC and now Walsh are sticking it in your ass right now and they are not hiding it. You have full transparency now because they want you to know they are screwing you and you cant do a thing about it. Your vacation assessment, your increased and newly imposed assessments and your picket extortion are all violations of the DOL laws and the UBC is doing it anyways with full cooperation of Walsh and its fullly transparent. Full transparency is not stopping them from doing a single thing. Who exactly are you talking about when you say transparency “will cause people from committing corruption” because the UBC who is the most corrupt player in the equation isn’t hiding anything and the RO office whom you are paying outrageous salaries will do nothing to stop them. Walsh has blamed the rank and file membership for the corruption in the NYCDC


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