Saturday, November 26, 2011

Latest Poll Puts Franco in First-place

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New York City— With less than nineteen days to fill out your mail in ballot and elect new leaders to the New York City District Council of Carpenters, Dan Franco has seized a slight lead in the latest 157 blog poll.

Last week we conducted a poll and surveyed one hundred members asking: "Who do you plan on voting for as the Executive Secretary Treasurer (EST) of the New York City District Council of Carpenters?"
According to the results of the poll, Dan Franco is in a slight lead over Mike Bilello.

Twenty-seven percent (27) of members polled said they are backing Franco, twenty-five percent (25) said they are backing Bilello, and forty-eight percent (48) said they were undecided.
Members have until December 15, 2011 to return the mail in ballot by mail to the American Arbitration Association (AAA) in order for their vote to be counted.



  2. HAHA John your are such a joke you have no credibility at all what did you ask 100 of your new boss Joe Firth's guys you are a sham of a man thats why your whole family can't stand you

  3. Billelo refused to formally address members issues. He used the same words as Hanley,Kennedy, Dericco, Pugliese and all the other corrupt local leaders, SIT DOWN & SHUT THE FUCK UP "that has already been beaten to death". Is that what you want running the council?

  4. Will Support and Vote for Dan Franco for EST of the NYCDCC. This election is about what We the "Real Rank and File Members" need. We need an EST that will answer to Us the "Real Rank and File Members". We the "Real Rank and File Members" DO NOT want someone as EST to tell Us the Rank and File Members what is good for Us. Dan Franco is anti- McCarron and "Pro-Rank and File". Dan Franco recognizes this Election is not about him, its about You, Me and the rest of the "Real Rank and File Membership".

    Their is NO Personal Interaction with Mike Billelo either online or in Person. Mike Billelo, personal agenda is not what We The "Real Rank and File Members" want.

    Support and Vote for Dan Franco as EST of the NYCDCC, Our Future depends on it. Make Dan Franco EST of the NYCDCC.

  5. Your poll is full of shit. Bilello is way ahead. Where was franco while the RANK AND FILE TEAM is out meeting with the members out on the jobsite. Franco's too busy archiving and posting here or on jawin, give me a break franco's a little nerd.


    Billelo has ties to the corrupt past. BILLELO HAS TIES TO THE CORRUPT PAST. He is a close personal friend of Zemenski who is one short move away from being indicted.

    He sought the advice of Firth as to who to put on the council slate. Billelo is also close to Smith.

    The RO vetoed that guy due to him lying about his knowledge & or involvement to past criminal acts. Why would Billelo have this man on his slate? Tyzner supports Billelo. These are just a few solid facts and any one of them is reason enough to Vote for Franco.

  7. Little known facts about Mike Bilello and why I am voting for him.

    Mike doesn't drink beer often, but when he does, he chooses Dos Equis.

    As an infant, Mike volunteered to have the polio vaccine tested on himself to prove that it was safe for everyone else. This selfless act was transmitted to Dr. Salk by morse code that Mike had learned while still in the womb. Mike had to use morse code because he, like most two month old babies, couldn't talk. This was also the start of Mikes' love of ham radio.

    In his spare time he scans the heavens for earth bound asteroids with a telescope he made out of broken soda bottles, toilet tissue tubes and duct tape, a prototype of which is now on the international space station.

    He's also an expert in celestial navigation and was the basis for the movie The Men Who Stare at Goats.

    Last year in Japan, Mike was just seen rappelling down to the reactor vessel in reactor 3 of the stricken nuclear power plant. He was carrying duct tape on his belt and a pipe wrench in his mouth. He was also thought to be wearing special magnetic boots of his own design that he constructed on the flight over from the middle east, utilizing seat cushions, kitchen preparatory tools, and parts from four laptop computers from other passengers.

    Mike has always been an overachiever, after graduating from the Airforce academy at age 16, Mike went on to become the youngest astronaut in our countries space program.

    A licensed pilot (certified up to 747-8), Mike is only the second person in the world to actually be licensed to fly such behemoths but not make his living doing so. In 1986 Mike conquered K2 in Tibet, and was the first person to hang glide off the second highest peak in the world. His flight set an altitude record.

    Mike also landed his F-15 eagle on the deck of the U.S.S. Nimitz after he finished his last sortie of the day over Libya.

    After becoming certified to fly the shuttle at age 26, Mike left NASA for a higher calling. To help stop the extinction of our most precious resource, the humpback whale.

    Mikes research (Mike would don a baby humpback whale costume and swim with the whales for years at a time) not only helped save the whales, but created a platform for Mikes cutting edge work in underwater oxygen absorption, which Mike used in his 1991 world record crossing of the English channel (the first known crossing ever attempted totally underwater).

    Believe it or not, Mike Bilello is also a registered Mensa member, has an Aikido black belt.

    Vote Bilello

  8. Waht a load of shit your spewing Mooch. Once again your site proves to be a biased opportunity based craphouse. Just because Bilello put you in your place you whine and bitch against the better candidate. Fuck you mooch.


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