Saturday, November 12, 2011

Local 157 President Faces Possible Veto

Nee faces possible veto.
On November 9, Review Office Dennis Walsh (RO) issued a "Notice of Possible Action" to Local 157 President Pat Nee and is considering vetoing his service as president of the local.

The facts and circumstances under review by the RO DOES NOT involve organized crime associations, violations of the District Council’s Job Referral Rules, giving false answer to questions posed by the RO or lavish and/or improper spending of union members money.

The suspected violation under review involves violations of procedure to Paragraph 5.b of the Stipulation and Order; to wit: President Nee "knowingly and willfully failed to provide notice" to the RO of routine "stipends paid to local union officers" (for executive board meetings) and stipends paid to "election committee members" (for committee duties) and failing to "seek required approval from the membership of Local 157, as well as expenditures for election notices mailed to the membership on September 9th and 14th."

Pursuant to procedures promulgated by the RO, Nee has until November 21, to respond to the notice and suspected violations. Nee was elected president of local 157 on June 22, 2011.



  2. The rules are the rules. The ubc constitution is pretty clear about putting all expendatures before the membership. The stipulation and order is very clear that the RO must be nitified about all expendatures over $100. Maybe Pat Nee can't read??? But thats still not an excuse. More arrogence by a Unity Team Member now he is getting what is coming to him.

  3. John: That wasn't so hard... was it? You sound like his lawyer though. But nevertheless it is transparency. Thanks.

  4. He looks like that queer coach from penn state.

  5. Go to hell John Daly!


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