Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Message From Local 157 President-Elect Patrick Nee

I would like to thank all of those who went to the polls last Wednesday and especially to those who chose the Workers Rights Slate to represent them, we will not let you down and will bring the fight for the members where ever that battle can be fought.

We welcome the opportunity to show you that our platform was not only for election day but only a part of the struggle we had already joined.

We believe that it is time for the members to start getting what they need as opposed to having to constantly battle against having what they already have being taken away.

So I would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to the members of local 157 and to assure them that it is their rights that we will be looking to have restored.

I would urge any members who can to attend the rally on Monday June 27, in support of our brothers and sisters.

There is also a court hearing on Tuesday June 28, at 500 Pearl St, I believe that these court hearings hold the greatest chance for the members to have their rights restored and urge all members who can to attend.

A union is built on solidarity and we are looking forward to working together to bring much needed change to our union.

Yours in Solidarity
President-Elect Patrick Nee


  1. Thank you Brother Nee for the kind mention about Monday. Pat im certain that any union member worth his or her salt will attend Monday and Tuesday. You can be certain that the membership of 2287 will come to the aid and defense of any of our brothers and sisters that find themselves in need.We all really need to stick tight regardless of our feelings and differences. Thank You and Congratulations on the win. Sincerely and Fraternally Brother Bill Kane. LABOR CONQUERS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Get a ghost writer

  3. Why the hell should I come and support these people. I had 1 month of work in the last two years. Are you going to push to have a furlough created or just more of the same bullcrap. Every time I am called to a job from the owl I end Up with the hardest work. While so the so called company men stand aroun like they don't have a care in the world. Life is grand while your earning 1100 dollars a week and the people off the list have no other choice but to work non union. We are the hustlers not you clowns who work all the time. Most of the company men aren't real carpenters anyway. They are totally without skill. Before you call people scabs maybe you should look at the bigger picture.

  4. Hey Bill Kane Are you one of the fortunate guys who works all the time. Tell me how you feel about the poor saps who work one in a blue and how they have no medical benefits and no vacation check every three months. I could run circles around half this union. It's astonishing how much gargage they have working all the time. Enough is Enough. All people who worked a full year should sit home for a year then those pricks will know where I am coming from. I use to say I wish I could work all the time and be like those assholes the company men. But one thing I realize is I go fucking integrity. You can take the delegates from the union and shove them up you ass.The union is a disgrace and eventually will comr e to a head. Or has it already.

  5. Go get'em nee. The members voted for you because of how you presented yourself at that meeting when you got a standing ovation. There were a lot of men that had been out of work for a longtime standing at that meeting. They agreed with you comments. Remember its the members that have been at these meetings and care about what's happening that went to vote. Just under 1400 voted. that was a disgrace. We have around 5000 out of work and they couldn't be bothered to get their ass's down to vote. That's why there should be a clip mark put on their union cards or some mark so when they break your balls you should be able to say hey brother let me see you union card if they say no then you should call them out as standby'ers that don't give a shit about what happens. Mr. Nee you are in the position now,to do what you said you were going to do and silence the critics with action. Show them what your made of boy.

  6. Who's going to cross 14a's picket line first ? Most carpenters are scabs that wouldn't be tolerated in 14a + need a beating. We need to shut this city down but we wont be relying on SCAB carpenters !



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