Thursday, June 30, 2011

Economic Recovery PLA

List of PLA Jobs which includes a no strike/no-lock out clause.
Economic Recovery PLA

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  1. 5-pages of being sold out by the International.

    How many of these Projects were signed, post August 5th 2009 sting by the FBI?

    Who signed all of these deals on behalf of the Council? All they represent is a kickback to the Contractor Association. How much money exchanged hands to garner the Carpenters acceptance of being sold out? Were any PLA's ratified by a rank & file vote?

    How many of them were executed by Frank Spencer acting alone?

    You have a right under the current contract to demand Arbitration on any Project or PLA, including the current negotitations which are not being conducted in good faith, by Doug's hatchet man Spencer.

    When the UBCJA refuses Mandatory Arbitration", you have the right to "Strike", which is preserved in the current Contract expiring at midnight 6-30-11....w/o penalty



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