Thursday, June 2, 2011

Northeast Carpenters Announces New 'Out Of Work' Dispatch System

From Shanty Chatter

The much anticipated new DISPATCH SYSTEM for brothers & sisters on the "Out of Work" List has been announced. As per the council web page; members of Northern New Jersey's new Local 253 (formerly Locals 6, 15, 124 & 1342) are directed to call the Toll Free Edison Dispatch Center at: 1-855-273-1563, between the hours of 7 am & 2 pm, Monday thru Friday.

Similar to the 20/20 System implemented by the Northwest Carpenters, the NRCC system calls for members to be available to receive calls daily between 2 pm & 6 pm, or be skipped-over in favor of the next member on the list. An updated skills form is paramount for this new plan to be fair & effective. Click on the below links for more complete details.




  1. Doug, Frank - when do we get a Mix 20/20 chick for NRCC? She better be Hot and have a sweet voice too!

    1. please tell me how you members got job referral ? what was the system ? please advise

  2. Hey man , Doug, Frank - if NRCC gets a mix 20/20 Chick doing the OWL List thing, we better get a Hottie for New York City man.

    You guys gotta change it though, cuz in the City, when Fido does his thing, we gotsa p.u. that steamer & bag it and tag it man. Can't be losing no job I've benn wating on cuz Fido had to go, you know what I mean guy.

    C'mon man, fair is fair, Ya gotta give a guy a reasonable amount of time to get back to his crib, flush that steamer, wash his hands and call that hottie right back. None of this you must have the phone strapped on your ass 24/7 bullshit that yuz been pulling in freakin Jersey and and answer in a nano second or the Job goes to someone else. That's bullshit man.

    Can we get a redhead? Thanks for listening man

    1. Please tell me what was your dispatch system in past like ? how did you get job referrals please shear ?

    2. why will you not speak to this brother how does the 20 20 mix work vs old system please advise


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