Monday, June 27, 2011

Judge Berman Order

Having reviewed the record herein, including, among other things, the Consent Decree, dated March 4, 1994 (“Consent Decree”); the Stipulation and Order Regarding Appointment of a Review Officer, dated June 2, 2010 (“Stipulation”); Court proceedings held on April 6, 2011 and May 16, 2011; the letter from Raymond G. McGuire, Esq., counsel to the Funds’ trustees (“Trustees”), dated May 19, 2011 to the Court (“McGuire May 19 Ltr.”) (“[P]roviding additional information [about the Funds] to the participants . . . may be in the interest of all parties.”); the Court’s Order, dated May 26, 2011 (“May 26 Order”), indicating, among other things, that “the Court would like to devote the first hour or so at the June 28, 2011 conference to a report on the status of the [District Council Benefits Funds (‘Funds’)]”; the letter from Mr. McGuire, dated June 20, 2011 (“McGuire June 20 Ltr.”), requesting that the Court “reconsider the May 26 Order”; and applicable law, the Court finds and directs as follows:

More complete disclosure of the financial status of the Funds is imperative. The Trustees’ request for reconsideration of the May 26 Order is respectfully granted in part and denied in part as follows:

Berman Order 06.27.11


  1. Richard DorroughJune 28, 2011 at 5:17 AM

    Nice spanking of McGuire by Berman. Seems the Judge is serious about helping members after all

  2. Judge Berman is getting a little taste of what RO Walsh and the members of this union have been subjected to by McCarron's UBC. Hope he understands that the international union is full of shit.


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