Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I do not have the official results yet but we are calling a clean sweep for Pat Nee and the Workers Rights Slate! Congratulations!!!

Also Congratulations to Greg Kelty who won as Treasurer! Will have more election news as it becomes available.

Pictured left to right: Mariano Arocho, John "Cigars" DeFalco,  Matt Seabury, Peter Corrigan, Thomas McGonnigle, Pat Nee, Levi Messinetti, Gauntlet Holness, Kevin Corrigan, John "Terror" Carty




    1. that you god!!!!! lets start the right way!!! and lets move forward!!! ha ha!!! to everyone else!!!


    3. Election means absolutely nothing! 395 is a few days away along with full mobility, scrappers,40hr work week, no half days for Christmas and New years, bring your own screw gun, and you pay half of your medical(7k out of your own pocket) good try but not enough!

    4. Richard DorroughJune 22, 2011 at 9:35 PM

      McCarron must be dancing tonight. He will now get local 157 with no fight at all. Sit back and watch as Nee sells out 157 to the UBC. Now he can complete his plan to axe the locals in favor of McCarrons corrupt councils. You just elected a council rat as President of a NY Local. I wonder how many NY members Cary Kane will claim to support now.

      The UBC does not have to work to destroy the Union. The members will do it for him. This forever will be remembered as the biggest blunder the UBC rank and file has ever committed. What a reflection on the membership of NYC.God help you all. Whats next. Will you elect Spencer as EST

    5. Richard DorroughJune 22, 2011 at 9:38 PM

      I wonder how many NY members Cary Kane will claim to represent now.

    6. Good luck, Show up on time and do the union work. Everyone will be watching to see if you are guys are real.

      One step at a time.

      Congrads Rocky Red !!!!

      Tom Moore Local One, IUEC

    7. Nee never hid his support for McCaron and Spencer. Nee never hide his desire to destroy the locals as he will with 157. Nee has admitted before the election to his being a part of the CC4D scam .But he hid it will he and the CC4D were scamming the members.. Herman Benson told you Nee was full of ****.You knew he has been in the Union for less than 5 years. He has proven publicly he has no knowledge of the constitution during the Pro Tem BS. You heard him call any brother and sister on the OWL scum and unskilled. You heard Nee admit he was companyman suck ass. Yet you elected him. The question that will be asked is "how could so many people be so stupid". With the evidence on Nee before the election the answer can only be "Because they are"

    8. rank and file will have a hard time complaining about anything when only 1300 showed up to vote. 334 votes are all he needed to win, what a joke! i know we live a culture that maintains that our votes don't count but the only vote that isn't counted is the one never cast.


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