Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pat Nee for President

Lawrence D'Errico was elected President of Local 157 on July 21, 2008, following the politically motivated , November 2007, emergency supervision of the local. Remember he was going to clean up local? Instead starting on day one he removed the microphone from local meetings. Things didn't quite work out the way he thought!

The former president was vetoed by the Review Officer on April 12, 2011 for giving materially false answers to questions posed to him in a deposition.

On December 7, 2010, Local 608 members went to the polls and elected a new president, rank and file carpenter, Tommy McGonnigle. McGonnigle became the sixth president of the crime-racked local in a year. Seven days later, General President Douglas McCarron, dissolved the local and merged its 7000 members into Local 157.

Local 157 is the largest of 11 locals in the New York City District Council of Carpenters with a membership over 10400. Next week we are once again going to the polls to elect a new president and executive board, this time made up entirely of rank and file carpenters.

Under the current structure of the "Full Service District Council," the role of the local union and executive board has changed. The local union has no real role, power, purpose or authority to function as a labor organization as defined under federal law. The local does not participate in the governance of the District Council, collective bargaining, enforcing collective bargaining agreements, dealing with employers concerning grievances, labor disputes, job referrals, shop stewards, business representatives or other terms or conditions of employment.

All functions and power of governance are vested in the District Council. That leaves the local to collect dues, sponsor fishing trips, scholarships, outings, and a place where rank and filers assemble to discuss union affairs, express dissatisfaction, and let off steam.

The UBC's proposed May 9, draft bylaws, (which is said to violate federal law) to end the 21-year reign of corruption, theft, and terror by the District Council grants even more power to the District Council and further weakens and disenfranchises the local as well as the rank and file.

The local is in desperate need of a new leader who understands this. Pat Nee has stated numerous times that "the local union serves no purpose to the membership." Pat Nee wants to either empower the local to function as a labor organization, or to declare the District Council a local so it can be better controlled and accountable under federal law, the UBC constitution, transparent, ethical, efficient and allow the members to have meaningful participation in the democratic governance of union affairs.

Nee believes in the rights of workers and local autonomy. Nee wants to use the bully pulpit to advocate, defend, and fight for member’s rights. Nee has said he does not seek the presidency to walk in lock step. Nee will speak out for what he believes is best for the rank and file and he will not fold like a cheap camera at the first sign of confrontation.

It is on that basis that 157 blogspot today endorses Patrick Nee for President -- in the hope, if not necessarily the full expectation, that he will be the strong, reform-driven president the local so desperately needs.

Let's be clear: Pat Nee understands the underlying issues of an all too powerful District Council violating the rights of local autonomy and the urgent need to address them -- as well as the immense challenges he'll be facing. He has been an outspoken contributor to this blog, he has shown he is not afraid of a fight and will not back down when confronted on the issues. He is determined to enfranchise the rightful owners of this union, the rank and file workers, and give them a meaningful voice in union affairs.

This local needs sensible, compassionate, honest, and strong leadership. Patrick Nee has all of those qualities and the determination, sound judgment and vision to blaze a path to reform.

We urge all Local 157 members to vote for Pat Nee and the "Workers’ Rights Slate" on Wednesday June 22.



  2. All I can say to this John is are you kidding me???Do you really feel this rat bastard is the only viable candidate

  3. Donny Arana "If they are running for an Executive position at Local 157 their number 1 concern should be to empower the local and better serve the members of the local.?"

    But it is not an never has been Nees agenda. It is Nees agenda and always has been to destroy the local and give it over to the council.Just as McCarron and Conboy wants. If you put Nee into 157 he will sell out 157 to the UBC.He is looking to better serve the UBC


  5. Richard, do you finally see what you are dealing with.

  6. Scuse me, but isn't the Muscemeci motion dead set against making the council a local ?

    WTD is not for dissolving locals. He has time & time again supported induvidual representation and the local's right to represent the membership.


  8. Predecessor actions to this new policy were reflected in the UBCJA Internationals prior lawsuits wherein they convinced the 6th Circuit that Union By-Laws created the right to vote for Business Representatives, therein, that right could be taken away by another by-law rules change, per, 992 F.2d. 1418 (1993) UBCJA Dresden Local No. 267 v. UBCJA International and Sigurd Lucassen (92-3746) at 42.
    As a matter of law, the 6th Circuit erred in stating “looking at the actual mechanics of the loss of the right to elect a business representative, the district court reasoned it was the adoption of the Council by-laws, not the reorganization that eliminated the Local’s right to elect a business representative. Indeed, it was the Capital District Council by-laws that created the right in the first place”.
    The District Courts reasons are not in accordance with the text of the NLRA or its Legislative history. No other Circuit Court has made such a similar ruling, nor could they as it is factually and legally incorrect, and can therefore not stand. The Sixth Circuit’s decision in Dresden Local 267 issued on April 27, 1993, some 15-months after the Lechmere decision issued on January 27, 1992.
    The UBCJA International under Sigurd Lucassen and subsequently under Douglas J. McCarron has perpetuated this myth, this fallacy of so called law since the decision issued on April 27, 1993. The 6th Circuit Court clearly erred in stating that the mechanical right of the loss of the right to elect a business representative…was the adoption of the Council By-Laws.
    The Council By-Laws did not create the right to vote, the United States Congress did so.

  9. Joe from Tewksbury - what's uuuuuuuuuuuppppp?

    How's the new gig going?


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