Monday, May 9, 2011

Message to All Members of Affiliated Local Unions of the District Council

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America has submitted to me for review a set of draft bylaws proposed for use by the New York City District Council of Carpenters (the “District Council”). The draft bylaws are posted on the District Council website.

I urge all members to read and consider these draft bylaws. For the next thirty days, through June 9, 2011, all members may submit written comments to me about the draft bylaws.

To comment on the draft bylaws, simply send me an email or letter containing what you want to say. In addition to general comments, I recommend that you cite specific sections when applicable. You must identify yourself and provide some contact information. Please clearly specify if you would like to have your comments kept confidential.

Review Officer
Dennis M. Walsh

(John's Note: I posted the bylaws in the forum section of the blog for your comments.)

District Council Draft Bylaws 5-6-2011



  2. Richard DorroughMay 9, 2011 at 6:53 PM

    Question 1. Are you out of your mind

  3. Mr. Walsh;

    Thank you for your consideration in seeking the involvement of the members with regards to the bylaws.

    Do the members' comments fulfill the requirement, and necessity, for democratic practice?

    Or is this merely a suggestion of democracy making way for the exploitation of want?

  4. Richard DorroughMay 9, 2011 at 9:05 PM

    You are being forced into the total dominance of the District Council by Walsh and McCarron when the Council has not yet been cleaned of all corruption nor are the members protected from the UBC,McCarron and Spencers corrupt influence and control.Walsh has not even proven that they are capable of achieving their rather lofty goals after others have failed for 20 years to do so. Yet before you have proven your new super trooper delegates will work or they are even in play you are here to destroy and rape the last rights the Locals have and force them into a Council system that has proven itself to be a dismal failure and still, by your own admission, rift with corruption.Before you have proven anything you are presenting bylaws that once and for all enslave the rank and file into the dark hole that is Mccarrons Council system.It has had more than 20 years to prove itself a failure to all UBC members except those that have enriched themselves by the corruption the system breeds. It has proven itself a dismal failure to all members of the UBC except McCarron,Spencer,Ballatyyne and other UBC Interantional rats who are still using it to enslave and abuse the rank and file members in every way this corrupt system allows. And now under the guise of fighting corruption you want to further entrench these rat bastards who by their recent actions across the country of dissolving locals,raiding their accounts and installing corrupt puppets in place of duly elected officers have proven themselves nothing more than common criminals.You want to reward their actions and further empower these rat bastards by feeding the NYC locals and rank and file members to them with these bylaws under the pretense of removing corruption???Outstanding!!!

  5. Richard DorroughMay 9, 2011 at 9:10 PM

    Despite the BS put forth by the US Attorneys Office and these bylaws the DOL has already ruled that the UBC rank and file are NOT members of the councils but affiliated with them. Therefore the controls being shoved up the locals and rank and files ass by these bylaws cannot be implemented. The relationship between the locals and councils has been established by the Secretary of Labor in Harrington -v Chao and until that is overturned any further attempt to impose these bylaws should be stopped with a complaint/challenge filed with the NY Office of the DOL.Your consent decree does not superseded other federal laws, guidelines or previous decisions of the Sec.of Labor.Neither Walsh,Torrance or Berman have the legal standing in my opinion to rewrite the relationship between the UBC Councils and its locals already declared by the Secretary of Labors Office and until they do these bylaws are not worth the paper they are printed on.

    Further the UBC Constitution declares that bylaws for councils and locals may NOT be written that conflict with the UBC Constitution. These bylaws in their zeal to destroy the locals,rape the paychecks of the members,enslave the the rank and file to McDouche bag and the UBC, and force the rank and file into to your vision of the super councils are in direct conflict with the UBC Constitution and may not be approved by the International body of the UBC. Until you legally declare the NY City Council and affiliated locals outside of the jurisdiction of the UBC Constitution and not bound by the UBC Constitution you cannot impose they bylaws on anybody.If you are foolish enough to make that declaration than McCarron will not be dissolving any locals in NY and his representatives from the International must be removed from control of the NY City Councils and Locals because they do not have the power under the UBC Constitution they are using to perpetuate the rape of the rank and file in NY

  6. Richard DorroughMay 9, 2011 at 9:13 PM

    Further these bylaws are in direct violation of the LMRDA in so many areas I cant believe the RO office has a legal background. Or perhaps they thought all the rank and file were/are so stupid they would lay down and let you have unlimited assessments and fees to support your Frankenstien Council without exercising their rights and protections from such extortion given them under the LMRDA. I love some of the controls the RO office who claims to be cleaning up corruption on behalf of the rank and file has not objected to. Little extortion rules like"For any quarter in which less than 90% of a Local Union's membership have not signed authorization cards providing that working dues will be paid to the Council, a per capita tax shall be payable by such Local Union to the Council based on the number of non-participating members" Translated: "if the member refuses to be raped and refuses to sign authorization cards allowing the Council to steal from them that the council can steal it from the local anyways"At least they will not have to deal with the attempts at extortion such as the blue card SPENCER and his UBC Rats are DIRECTLY still using to steal from the membership.Or how about this lovely bylaw "In case of a deficit in the funds of the Council, as determined by the Executive Committee in consultation with the District Council Accounting Department, the Council may levy a special assessment on each Local Union" or this"The Council may impose a per capita tax on each Local in the amount of $11 per member. The Council may increase the amount of the per capita tax by majority vote of the delegates" Here is a novel idea. How about if you shove your assessments and per capita tax up your ass. How about if you pay for you super council and all its overpaid Officers out of the salaries of McCarron,Spencer,Ballantyne and the rest of the UBC rats who line their pockets while the rank and file cant even get a job. How about if you fund your super council out of the budget of the RO office. Much better than fleecing the members and the locals.Better yet why not stick your super council,and super trooper delegates in your ass and the members wont have to pay for anything

  7. Richard DorroughMay 9, 2011 at 9:29 PM

    And here is the best. Lets get to the rape of the members paychecks.To pay for this abortion proposed by Walsh and McPussy lets force the members to pay for it. Lets force the rank and file to pay for a Council that rapes and destroys their locals.robs them of their democratic rights,forces them into a council system that is a proven dismal failure and lets make them pay for it all.

    No pay cuts for Dougy,Franky or the rest."Lets take $500 from each member every year.Lets take 1% of their total package,lets take .60 per hour(as in $24 per week and $96 per month)Lets also impose a monthly dues and per capita tax.Lets impose unlimited special assessments to be determined by a bunch of overpaid thieving pricks.What a special deal.God does it get any better than this.

    Lets fight corruption by the further destruction of democratic unionism as we know it.Lets fight corruption by decimating the locals so they can be the shells you declared them to be.Lets fight corruption by feeding whats left of the rank and file to the UBC International sharks and council rats who for all these years have supported,refused to investigate and covered up for the corruption that is the NYC City District Council system. It is under Frank Spencers direct supervision that all these corrupt Union Officials operated and two councils were placed in trusteeship for corruption. The UBC International under McCarron refused, despite repeated requests, to remove or investigate people like Forde and Oliveri.The UBC International and Doug McCarron never acted until the US Attorneys office forced them to. Their complicity is blatantly obvious but they are still in power and control in NY City. The ROs or US Attorneys Office have not investigated their actions.Where is their signature on the declaration. They have not been cleared by the ROs office to be in any position of power in the NY Council structure as all others must. Why not. Yet by thee proposed bylaws you want to further force the rank and file of NY into their dominance and power.What a joke

  8. Welcome back, Rich!

  9. Richard DorroughMay 10, 2011 at 9:13 AM

    Lip service is an idiom meaning 'giving approval or support insincerely' (Concise Oxford Dictionary).

    Regardless of the Lip Service neither the rank and file or any lawyer that represents them will have any final say in the approval of these bylaws or the final version. What you are being told to do here is sway the RO offices opinion.WOW!!! what a degree of involvement for a Union that is completely financed by your paychecks


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