Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Career Opportunity: Council Representatives – Dockbuilders

The New York City District Council of Carpenters is seeking to hire Council Representatives from the Dockbuilder’s Local.   The selected candidates will have had direct and substantial experience in the jurisdiction and work of the Dockbuilders and be knowledgeable about 1456’s main CBA.

To be considered, candidates must be members in good standing and must be members of the Dockbuilders Union since at least May 1, 2001.  Successful candidates will have strong working knowledge of the trade, including the Collective Bargaining Agreement, job site safety, and the grievance filing process.  Candidates must demonstrate that they have worked substantial hours during their tenure.

Click here to view and print Application
Council Representatives may work in either the Business Center or in Area Standards.  Council Representatives who work in the Business Center are responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that members and contractors are in full compliance with the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  2. Visiting job sites regularly, representing the District Council, evaluating job sites and the work being conducted, and ensuring that the Collective Bargaining Agreement and all relevant federal and local laws are being followed.
  3. Receiving and responding to job site complaints, Collective Bargaining Agreement issues and grievances.
  4. Providing member services, both in person and over the phone.
  5. Reviewing Shop Steward Reports, ensuring the manning provision is correct and that the hours are properly recorded.
  6. Other duties as assigned.
Council Representatives who work in the Area Standards group are responsible for:
  1. Conducting public demonstrations or pickets in all weather conditions with members at selected jobsites.
  2. Providing members with receipt upon completion of their participation.
  3. Attending daily briefings in morning and debriefings in the afternoon to report on daily activity.
  4. Conducting handbilling and leafleting campaigns at selected locations.
  5. Visiting job sites regularly to identify sub-contractors and speaking with non union carpenters for the purpose of documenting all information essential to conducting and supporting Area Standards campaigns.
  6. Completing and updating job profile forms completely and accurately for each jobsite visited.   Researching through various online websites to verify and enhance information gathered through visit.
  7. Communicating with relevant parties (end users, building managers, architects etc.) our mission to inform the public when contractors are not upholding the Area Standard. Encouraging all parties to use only contractors that pay all their employees area standard wages on all jobs.
  8. In some cases, speaking with and encouraging workers to sign representation cards and fight for union recognition through an NLRB election.
  9. Filing Unfair Labor Practice charges through NLRB where appropriate.
  10. Attending public hearings in support or in opposition of construction projects depending on how they will affect our membership.
  11. Communicating with Police Dept. / Community Affairs officers when conduction demonstrations.
  12. Other duties as assigned.
Interested candidates should send their resumes to Dana Brownstein, Human Resources Director at dbrownstein@nycdistrictcouncil.org or drop them off at the 9th floor desk in the reception area, along with the attached job application.  Resumes are only being considered up until Friday, May 20 at 5pm.


  1. unfortunately, this is only a drop in the bucket. At 25% of his pension, the money will never be fully repaid into our funds. And, what about all the other money - they only have a few contractors that are under this agreement - what about Nastasi, Donaldson, prince, etc.

    What about Deveraux?? If they are going to get the lawyer money back from Forde, they should go after Devereaux too - it was the same trial.



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