Tuesday, May 3, 2011

News Release: Restitution Order Statement By Frank Spencer

May 2, 2011

Kristofer Eisenla, 202-518-6484


NEW YORK – Frank Spencer, Supervisor, New York City District Council of Carpenters, released the below statement in response to the Court’s Restitution Order regarding Michael Forde, John Greaney and Brian Hayes, which was ordered by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on April 19, 2011.

“I am pleased that the Court has ordered restitution to be paid to the New York City District Council as a result of criminal acts of Michael Forde, John Greaney and Brian Hayes. This judgment is a victory for the hardworking men and women of our union.

“The District Council and the Benefit Funds are to be reimbursed a total of nearly $6 million. While this amount represents an increase in the originally proposed amount, we continued to urge the U.S. Assistant Attorney to seek more funds. Michael Forde is required to repay our Union over $600 thousand that was spent on legal fees and unauthorized charges. While the Council and Benefit Funds will never fully be repaid, the order requires Michael Forde to reimburse the Union and the Benefit Funds 25 percent of any income he receives until the judgment is paid off.

“Our members will now begin to be reimbursed for the corruption and abuse of authority by former leaders and members. We will continue to ensure that our Union – and our members – is not abused in the future. We are committed to holding anyone accountable who engages in these abusive and corrupt actions.”

“The leadership of the New York City District Council of Carpenters is rebuilding our Union to be stronger than ever by ensuring openness, transparency and accountability throughout the organization.”

(John's Note: "We don't anticipate that we'll be able to collect but a small fraction of that."-- Benefit Fund Counsel, Raymond McGuire April 6, 2001 (referring to the restitution order against Forde))

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