Saturday, May 28, 2011

Notice Of Elections

I received this post card yesterday about the June 22nd election. This is interesting, the raising of the dues on retirees from $60.15 to $70.00 was never even discussed at a local meeting, why was this decision made now?


  1. There is mention. In MR CONBOYS letter that Mccarron will be in town to have a meeting with the wall and ceiling assoc. and mr walsh within the next 10 days. We should find out where and when and have a rally.

  2. Any attempt by our leaders to as our retired members to pay more. Should be stopped right away. These men have already served their time and done all that was asked of them. Reducing UBC salaries or using monies saved by merging of locals should be funneled into funds to help our retired brothers. VOTE NO!

  3. How many other unions actually have retired members continue paying dues and what is an early retiree ? I did 37 years and retired at 57 years old and I'm designated as an early retiree on my union card , why ?


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