Friday, May 20, 2011

Take Back Our Union

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Please Come Support the “Workers’ Rights Slate” as they run for the Executive Board in Local 157.

When: Thursday, May 26, 2011 4pm-?
Where: Jack Dempsey’s (33rd Street Between 5th and 6th Ave)


Workers’ Rights Slate
President- Patrick Nee
Vice President- Thomas McGonnigle
Recording Secretary-Levi Messinetti
Financial Secretary- Peter Corrigan
Treasurer- Matt Seabury
Conductor- John “Terror” Carty
Warden- Johnny “Cigars” DeFalco
Trustee- Mariano Arocho
Trustee- Gaunlett Holness
Trustee- Kevin Corrigan



  2. how long has pat nee been in the union ? how long has ne been in 608/157 ? why did he transfer out of 926 ? is he a illegal alien ? is he a alien from another planet ?

  3. starting with the bribes already fre t-shirts and stickers for your vote

  4. “Workers’ Rights Slate”...Is this the CC4D Slate?? The one they claim they did not have. How many members of this slate attended/ran the CC4D meetings with Cary Kane. How many members on this slate refused to tell the members who the CC4D were besides Nee and McConagle. How many members of this slate lied to members by telling them their application was a petition.Why are you not now calling yourselves the CC4D Slate. Trying to distance your slate from the crap you already pulled. I see Franco who was up to his eyeballs in the CC4D has bailed on you.Or did you boot him for having an IQ.

  5. Levi said...
    The Workers' Rights Slate is dedicated to representing the membership of local157 and delivering informative, interactive meetings. We have been and will continue to be active in the discussion of the proposed bylaws, the ongoing court battles with the UBC and the R.O.'s Advisory committee.
    To answer the questions about the Carpenters' Committee for Democracy:
    Yes, some of the people on our slate have been involved and our VP candidate was instrumental in creating this group. The petition that so many of us signed has earned us a front row seat for the law firm that represents the group in Judge Berman's courtroom.
    Also present and involved in the CC4D were many others on other slates. We are proud of our involvement with all these people and the committee as a whole.

  6. "The petition that so many of us signed has earned us a front row seat for the law firm that represents the group in Judge Berman's courtroom."

    So what has that done for anybody but the group.To be clear Cary Kane has no standing in Bermans court so as they say big whooppee.So front row or back row Cary Kane has no more power or standing than the average rank and file member.

    First the others in your group have denied it was a petition and have called it an application. By members signing under false pretense Cary Kane and the founders of this group falsely declared to the court they represented over 350 members. Even at this point your still confused if it was a petition or a membership application. What is not confusing is that members who signed the petition had no idea they were giving a small group of individuals the right to claim they represented them. That being said how can you ask people to vote for any person involved in this.
    Second."The Workers' Rights Slate have been and will continue to be active in the the ongoing court battles with the UBC" How exactly have you been involved in the ongoing court battle??Never heard of your slate before the last 157 meeting.So exactly how have you been involved.Do you have attorneys that represent your slate now??

  7. maybe mumbles can snag himself one more DWI.

  8. Richard DorroughJune 7, 2011 at 8:51 AM

    How can you even be on the Ballot when your slate advocates selling out local 157 to the Council. How can you be on the slate when your candidate for President does not believe in Locals and wants to turn them over to the council


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