Friday, May 13, 2011

Lebo on Transparency and Council Bylaws

I have read through the draft of the proposed bylaws that the UBChas submitted to you. I thank you for this opportunity to comment on said proposal. My first reaction to these bylaws was one of disbelief and anger. I realized after reading them that there was a distinct lack of the protections, discussed by the UBC’s attorney Kenneth Conboy, at the April 6, 2011 status conference with Judge Berman. There was absolutely none of the transparency also discussed. I would have thought Judge Berman was quite clear that he considered “openess”, or in other words, transparency, to be a virtue. I’m sure, you also feel,that transparency is also key to an open, honest, and corruption free NYCDCC, as do I.
Lebos Take on the Bylaws Prior to Taking Office

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    "To accomplish this, all delegate meetings must be documented accurately, and all of this documentation should be disseminated to the membership so that they might know whether or not their delegates are doing the job they expect them to do.

    Also, as you have discussed at meetings with the membership, the voting by the delegates must also be recorded and documented for dissemination to the membership for the same reasons. There is none of this mentioned anywhere in the UBC’s draft of the bylaws. I find this to be disgraceful, as well as, an insult, to you, the members of this union and to the Court. I

    I would go a step further and document all executive committee meetings as well. I believe, this all must be done before any bylaw submission can be accepted, or we will end up with the same criminal activities that we have lived with since the inception of the NYCDCC. '

    SO LEBO SAY's:

    - Document
    - Record[ed]
    - Disseminate

    or, what will happen?

    - Criminal Activity


    Life & Death are in the power of the tongue. Seems Mr. Lebo, albeit pretending to care about the rank & file, using people for his personal gain - did the exact opposite of what he preached here within his letter to the Review Officer.

    Not only was he sucking up to Bilello for a job, for his own interests, he was doing the same with the R.O.

    Yet, once in office, Lebo pulled the Jeckle & Hyde routine on the rank & file and did the exact opposite (re: listen to the tapes of the mtg's etc.)

    He convicted himself with his own words, his own tongue and that phony bastard Mike Bilello, anothe unfit Officer of the D.C. shall do the same!


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