Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts on the passing scene:

On March 21st, Brother Mike Bilello was elected President pro tem for the "meeting only" and appointed Brother Gerry Gausman Vice President pro tem. Gausman immediately became President on April 12th, when former Local 157 President Lawrence D'Errico was vetoed from office. Bilello is now running against Gausman, the man he selected as the best qualified person to lead Local 157.

Brother Patrick Brennan, at the March 21st, and April 18th, meetings highly praised President pro tem Mike Bilello, stating, "Bilello is the most qualified person to lead Local 157." Brennan has now flip-flopped and is running against Bilello, on Gausman's Carpenters for Solidarity Slate.

On April 18th, President pro tem Gerry Gausman, without explanation violated the UBC Constitution by failing to preside over the April meeting. He then agreed with and participated with Mike Bilello in a scheme to defraud the membership by holding unconstitutional nominations for President pro tem, (which Bilello was elected). The two then continued to run a hoax of a meeting for over three hours, whereby both he and Bilello tell the membership that after the meeting, "no one is in charge" of Local 157.

Gausman who is running for President, says on his campaign website that he "plans on working for the members and having their best interest at heart." Gausman violated the member’s best interest when he failed to preside and open the April meeting and went along with Mike Bilello to defraud the membership by holding unconstitutional nominations for President pro tem. If Gausman cannot stand up and defend his own rights, how can he possibly defend the rights of the membership?

When questioned by the membership at the April meeting why "no one is in charge" of the Local, unconstitutionally elected President pro tem Mike Bilello incorrectly stated, that there is "a lot of gray area in the UBC Constitution" regarding how positions are filled (see GP McCarron letter for a clear explanation). Bilello who obviously believes the words of the UBC Constitution have no meaning has defrauded the membership and has demonstrated that he is incapable and he simply does not qualify in any way, shape or form to run a simple union meeting, let alone run the District Council. This fact alone should disqualify him from seeking elected office.

At the Local 157 meeting for nominations, the incumbent elected Executive Committee made the unprecedented decision not to seek reelection.


  1. When will the "sample ballot" be out, so RO Walsh can review it & make sure it is Legal?

    What will the Instructions state regarding VOTING?

    Can members Vote for Individuals only, on a position by position basis - or will Members be forced to VOTE a Slate?

  2. thats why you gotta vote for davenport and walsh for pres and vp. a message from wtd

  3. John M: Did you not praise gausman at that same union meeting saying "that Gausman gave the best informative vice presedent report" that you ever heard since being a union member.Just a simple question john.

  4. To Anonymous: You are correct, at the April meeting the unconstitutionally elected President pro tem Mike Bilello, called on the unconstitutionally elected Vice President pro tem to give a report. I believe I said that Gerry Gausman gave the "most informative and intelligent" vice president's report that I have heard in a long time.

  5. I feel that you in writing this bunch of comments come off sounding like you've been slighted or passed over by not being asked to be on any of the tickets. Why didn't you run brother? If you are so upset why didn't you get nominated at the meeting? Seems to me that you are now upset at all these guys because you were not included in their tickets or asked to be on them.

  6. To Hugh Mc Hugh: Thank you for your comments. I do not feel slighted and I am not upset.

    These are my thoughts and observations. What happened at the April meeting was a ridiculous joke and should have never been allowed to happen. I posted a topic in the forum in an attempt to educate the members about the constitutional issues raised at the April meeting. I also emailed UBC officials for clarification regarding these constitutional matters involving officers of Local 157. I received and posted a letter from the General President who clarified the matter. Do you read his letter?

    The Constitution, Bylaws, and Roberts Rules are there for our protection. If we don't follow these rules then whose rules do we follow? Yours? Mine? Or do we make them up as we go along?

  7. john, thank you for putting your thopughts on here for us. i don't know what we would have done with out them. with how bad our union is right now. this is what you are thinking about. can't you think of ways to help us in stead of your stupid, sicko tain of thoughts. this is your opinion.... and i think you sound very upset that you have been working on this blog for years, not months, YEARS and no one would put you on there slate. WELL, thats because of your RANDOM THOUGHTS... we all no you are not righ, if you know what i mean...... just some of my random thoughts


  9. To Anonymous: You said "can't you think of ways to help us instead of your stupid, sicko train of thoughts."

    Violating the UBC Constitution and running a hoax of a meeting are very serious offenses. Not holding elected officials accountable and failing to raise questions have led us to "how bad our union is right now."

    My thoughts are FACTS not opinion and personal attacks will not change the FACTS.

  10. John M: elected officials accountable and failing to raise questions have led us to "how bad our union is right now."
    John I agree with you 100%.
    ( Not holding elected officials accountable and failing to raise questions have led us to "how bad our union is right now." )
    You are talking about your self here. You where the elected official for 10 years. A delegate. Someone that passed all the money there where taking. A CRONY. You sat there and kept your mouth shut for 10 years collecting your 500 hundred dollars a month. I didn't see you screaming and carrying on them about ( Violating the UBC Constitution and running a hoax of a meeting are very serious offenses. ). When your brother in-law was president you didn't bring that book of rules to one meeting and I was there and seen him tell people to shut up and sit down. YOU DIDN'T SAY A WORD.
    Your just mad you lost your piece of the pie and we all know it. Your an sick SICKO. So go ahead John and complain because you are only complaining about your self. That's why you won't run because you know no one will vote for you. Come out in the real world John. You haven"t missed a day since you started and you still live at home with your parenets. Come pay rent or a mordgage only working 4 to 6 months a year. and you want to cry. Your like a little sceavy mouse in a corner squeeling and screaching like a fat rat...

  11. To Anonymous: I suggest you crawl back under the rock you came out from under. Your comments are 100 percent factually incorrect, make absolutely no sense and resorting to personal attacks reveals you are incapable of challenging the facts and is undeserving of a response.

    I will however try to enlighten you on certain FACTS. If you would take the time to read the RO’s report you would know all of the misappropriated monies and excessive pensions of Forde, Thomassen and Sheil were never explained and kept from the delegate body. The delegate body was completely bypassed contrary to the procedures written in the bylaws. The delegates were lied to and were not given straight facts from the corrupt Unity Team. Also the former council trustees during the period of unauthorized and improper expenditures are being investigated.

    Thomassen, Hanley and D’Errico never conducted a meeting like the hoax of a meeting conducted on April 18th.

    As for your comments relating to me as an elected officer, I am very proud of my record. I created a local newsletter, a local website and kept the membership informed on every important delegate vote, and policy decision and posted all of Walter Mack’s reports on the official Local 157 website.

    Obviously I hit a nerve with you and you must be in love with one of these individuals, you need to take your medication and chill out.

  12. Message no. 2 - I did not author this, and I can sepak for myself...Ted

    Whoever is using my intials - get a life!


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