Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lebo Letter to Judge Berman

On June 1, Brother Bill Lebo sent Judge Richard M. Berman a letter in response to the UBC's proposed restructuring plan for the NYCDCC.

Lebo, among other things vehemently objects to the:

  • Reducing the carpenter trade to specialties.
  • Creation of Local Union 395 and the Heavy construction local as a specialty/ company locals.
  • Decreasing of the jurisdictional areas of the locals affected by this plan.
  • Ending of the 50-50 manpower rule.
  • Lack of information disseminated by the UBC to the membership.
  • Does not want a corrupt UBC General President and his cronies negotiating our contracts, and believe the negotiations and finalization should wait until such time as elected officials of the NYCDCC can be installed.
Lebo Letter Judge Berman


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