Thursday, June 9, 2011

March for the Middle Class on June 15th

Solidarity March across the Brooklyn Bridge

Wednesday, June 15th -2:30pm

The New York City District Council of Carpenters invites our members to join the NYC Central Labor Council and working men and women from the Public Sector, Private Sector and Building and Construction Trades. The NYC Labor Movement will march across the Brooklyn Bridge as ONE, to support each other and stand together in opposition to attacks on middle class workers and their values.


Meeting Locations and Contacts:
Brooklyn Location
Cadman Plaza Park by the Brooklyn War Memorial (middle of park)
Council Rep Contacts:
Anthony DiMarco : 917-376-5523
Gerry Matthews: 917-376-5536

Manhattan Locatio
Broadway and Park Row (near fountain)
Council Rep Contacts:
Jeremy Milin: 917-376-5545
Tom Gaulrapp: 646-942-1343

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  1. I can't believe the Council is supporting a rally in NYC! I haven't seen this in years since we left the AFLCIO. Carpenters started the Labor Day Parade and we don't even participate in that tradition because we pulled out from the AFLCIO. Will we have local banners and NYCDCC flags? Maybe some of the tee shirts they stopped giving out from the organizing department? Four union reps on call to service our members on company time? Too little, too late. The problem is all the other trades frown on the way the UBC has been being run by our leaders around the country. I hope they don't make us walk in the back of the march. Carpenters in NYC should be proud and be put in the front, where we belong! Oh, by the way, most of us don't need the NYCDCC recognition by getting credit for picket duty. Most of us love what our union has done for us and what it can be in the future, with the right leaders. I will be there proud and strong because I want to be there, not for a picket duty requirement. Bill Walsh 157


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