Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rally To Protest UBC's Restructuring Plan

What: Rally 
Where: 395 Hudson Street
When: Monday June 27, 3pm
Why: Protest UBC Restructuring Plan

On Monday June 27, at 3 pm Local 2287 will rally in front of 395 Hudson Street to protest the UBC's proposed "Restructuring Plan" to limit the geographic jurisdiction of the local to the five boroughs of New York City. This proposal will take away half of the locals jurisdiction and will decrease the work hours to the District Council and Benefit Funds.

The members of LU 2287 adamantly oppose this proposed "Restructuring Plan" and will continue to fight and protest to make sure that the plan does not happen.

Brother Bill Kane from LU 2287 has ask that all local members stand in solidarity and show their support by attending this rally to protect the livelihood of LU 2287 members.

For more information you can email Bill Kane at


  1. Thank you very much Brother John I appreciate all the help and support that any union member can provide. I will tell all my brothers and sisters to PACK THE COURTROOM ON TUESDAY AS WELL. Sincerely and Fraternally Bill Kane
    LABOR CONQUERS ALL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Richard DorroughJune 25, 2011 at 5:11 PM

    Brother Kane. If you know whats coming have you held any meetings with a lawyer to get the answers to how and if you can stop McCarron by temp injunction since it is clear you can show how you will be aggrieved. If you choose to do so (and IF WALSH does not try to veto the expenditure) do not make the same mistake as so many others by going to a legal hack who does not specialize in Union labor law.

  3. If we are going to give out scholarships then these kids should sign a legal document that they agree to provide a few years or months of services in their trade for free as repayment to our union for helping them get to where they are. this should be made known up front from the beginning. Ie. He or she goes to law school he or she provides us with a free service. Ie. He or she goes for accounting they come in neutral to check our books as a free service. We are helping them succeed in their trades its only right they repay us with help in these trying times we should be reaching out to our past scholarship recipients to help us now if they are trained in areas that will benefit us now. I'm sure these people would do this out of gratitude for our help in the past. We have an un tapped pool of people who will help us out there feel free to comment on this thought for or against no hard will be taken either way feelings

  4. bill kane is wrong. how much work do we get out of city. more work is done in these areas non union and who is going to enforce our work? Belfard? you crazy. Sit at home for a mnth and tell be you wont go work for empire councl if they organize a job out there! Show me one job our councl organize out there! Empire works on jobs with carpenters and dont give crap about floors becausse they dont have the rights to it. I like brother kane but he wrong

  5. Ive been wrong before and thats the one thing people will never want to take away. With that said brother i may be wrong about certain parts of the restructuring,but I can't remember once being asked what I thought about the terms of these new agreements,and can't recall any other bros or sisters that knew what was going on either. And on to the part about feeding your family I would probably be the first one in line to take those jobs so thats absolutley correct.But should we always get in line when we have no participation in the working conditions and the rates paid for those services. We as carpenters create tangible spaces that can be used and enjoyed, thats some very valuable cotribution to society on as whole. Whats that worth?

  6. Work in the 5 boroughs should be for 5 borough local taxpaying members & no OUT OF TOWNERS. Join a union where you live before raiding other areas. No problem with letting members work but only after NYC 5 BOROUGH LOCAL TAXPAYING members are working first. How long did you think this shit was going to continue ?


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