Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 District Council Election Costs

The following is a breakdown of approximate costs for the Election Forum at the Jacob Javits Center on November 16, 2011 and the election mailings consisting of campaign literature for each candidate and the Special Edition of the Carpenter Magazine.

The Javits Center was prepared to seat 3,000 members.  The contract required security which was provided by the District Council. The video of the Election Forum is available for viewing on the District Council website.

The Election Rules required the forum and mailings, the special edition of The Carpenter magazine and campaign literature mailing provided by each candidate.  The specific costs are as follows:

Election Forum at Jacob Javits Center - $14,500
Election Forum required security as per Javits contract - $5,137.50
Video of Election Forum - $21,500.00 (posted on the DC website)
Special Election Edition of The Carpenter – printing - $9,850.00
Special Election Edition of The Carpenter - postage - $13,905.00
Campaign Literature Special Mailing - printing - $13,380.00
Campaign Literature Special Mailing -  postage - $16,632.00

Total - $94,904.50

Source NYCDC


  1. Video of Election Forum - $21,500.00 (posted on the DC website)

    Really? My daughter posts videos on an almost daily basis on her Facebook and Youtube account of her violin music. It costs her nothing.

    $21,500.00 for an image smaller than my iphones.

  2. this is just,this is not extortion,this is not wasteful spending,WOW i wonder how many carpenters could have gone to work with 100 grand thrown out the window,kinda reminds me of the other guy who used to rape and pillage our money what was his name again i think he charged us 80,000 for a pie chart hmmm!!Callaghan reincarnated

  3. Reaching out to the membership in an effort to fight apathy? ... Priceless.


  5. You are all wrong. Dennis Walsh got this one correct.

    Your last 5500's declared 15,293 active members, which equates to $6.21 per rank & file worker, which spread over the three-year Election Cycle equals $2.07 per vote.

    What price Democracy you say?

    All Elections cost money & Walsh has certainly contained the costs well within reason.

    Add in the retirees and the numbers are in the 23k range and the costs drop to $4.12 and $1.38 per vote (unit cost).

    What Price Democracy? A stamp a year per man, per Vote is hardly excessive by any stretch of the imagination


  6. MARC BALLROOM . TED ,have you any idea how much WALSH,MITCHIL,and assorted private dicks billed the union for work performed to facilate this forum ,conduct background checks and supervise election, and should those hours be added to the cost of this election .

  7. $95,000 to showcase people that are going to get vetoed a month into their terms.

    As my son says "epic fail".

  8. Spending money like it was going out of Fashion????????PricelessNovember 24, 2011 at 1:11 AM

    $94,904.50 is only for the current reported costs, how about the mail in ballot? How about the billable hours Walsh has racked at the Javits Center for his entire staff? How about the security for the nominations meeting?How about all the details that he HAS NOT posted in relation to the Javits Center? If there is one thing Dennis is very good at it is spending OUR money. Look for this election to run at least a quarter of a million.

  9. still less than what Forde was sniffing per month.

  10. Marc Ballroom - I'm sure you can ask him. The other items you bring up are part of his fixed monthly expenditures approved by the Court.

    The $94k were additional costs targeted specifically to the Javits debates.

    Before you condemn it, don't you think you should know what it actually cost to run the last Election?

    Do you think it would cost more, or less to open up every Local, set up the Voting Machines, hire additional staff to moniter the Polls from 7AM - 7PM?

    You should line out you questions and ask them at the next ROMAC Meeting. You may be surprised at the answer.

    The true test shall be in the long term effects of McCarrons 16+ year Dictatorial regime as related to voter apathy & turnout.

    How men rank & file members voted during the last Election, verses how many Vote during this cycle. It may take a few cycles to turn the apathy around.

    I personally would rather see it done in the professional manner as it was currently set up, than the old way of the mindless thug-fests.

    If I want to see animals behaving badly, I can go to the Zoo - as opposed to going to a Carpenters Union Meeting.


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