Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Page Six

We hear...THAT Douglas McCarron, the UBC general president is summoning key council leadership to Washington for a meeting on Thursday, October 22.

Sources say McCarron is not happy and wants to personally speak with Pete Thomassen, Dennis Sheil, Mo Leary, Ed Mc Williams and Scott Danielson. It seems for the last ten years, these overpaid clueless council clowns have been running the council where the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing!

In a report to the Hearing Committee criticizing the councils flawed supervisory model, Phil Newkirk, an assistant to McCarron wrote, "the councils supervisory model is fraught with problems to both effective supervision and potential for corruption."

He also wrote among other things, "had the anti-corruption committee's investigations been more thorough and aggressive, particularly to the governments allegations pertaining to high level of corruption within the council, if true, may have been discovered."

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  1. If True, Man-Up McCarron!October 22, 2009 at 4:51 AM

    McCarron needed the NYC mess like he needs a hole in his head.

    He just has to accept that the sham of blaming everything on Mike Forde is not going to work.

    The evidence shows that these men were part of the dysfunction.  McCarron needs to be careful not to appear as an enabler and supporter of corruption.  He doesn't want to, but he needs to clean house!

    Start with:

    Pete Thomanssen – Pretty Boy Bourgeoisie

    John Thomanssen – Waxed his balls so test results wouldn’t show his drug(s) of choice.  Fessed up, to a less scandalous confession, Yet he still collecting a $140,000 salary!

    Mo Leary – Phil Newkirk ripped the Director of Operations a new asshole!  Newkirk called his position an “inadequate form of supervision” and historically served as assistant to EST.

    Mo didn’t know Mike was a coke head? 

    The Joe Firth car fiasco shows he is either inadequate or that he is lying.
    He has too many responsibilities and too close to 608.

    If he is to stay as Director of Operations, he has to relinquish all other positions.  No more 608 Recording Secretary (even though he does a good job here, let Ed Maudsley or John Daly do it), no more 608 delegate (severe conflict of interest).

    Ed Mc Williams- same as above, stay as Director of Organizing, relinquish all other positions.  A public job review would hurt either.
    Joe Firth – Isn’t obvious?  Jerk!!!

    Denis Shield – Does anyone know what this guy does on a daily basis?

    Scott Danielson - $214,224 OWL Supervisor.  There is nothing more divisive at this moment than the controversial OWL.

    There is evidence that this List was manipulated and abused.  Get someone new! Please.

  2. Maybe they are going to get a promotion and a big fat raise.  "thank you boys, you only partially emberrased me.  how bout them delegates for 2011?" ---- doug


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