Thursday, October 15, 2009

UBC Hearing Testimony

I attended the afternoon hearing session, attendance was poor, fewer than 200 members showed up. The members that spoke were very good, very passionate. I will have more to say later, below is my testimony with links to exhibits.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E
Exhibit F
Exhibit G
Exhibit H
UBC Hearing Testimony


  1. You sounded good.
    They are imposing an 18 month supervision period regardless of this panel.
    It is just show..
    I can't believe Greaney and Hayes were there.(not saying they had no right)I wasn't sure if their still members of the carpenters union,because the sign said you had to be..

    At leastembers could congregate and speak there mind...
    They all should get fired.

    We need the supervision for now!

    We should have elections within the year ,and I think always be supervised by the international (not ruled,supervised)

  2. Great job John, keep at them, and let us know what their response is. I would have loved to see them squirm. Please keep us informed, and keep your foot on the throught of corruption!

  3. <span>My sources say that Stuart Grabois the Director of the Benefit Funds and Brain O'Dwyer, of O'Dwyer and Bernstein the council's legal firm have a connection. 
    Sources say Grabois son Andrew is a junior partner in O'Dwyer and Bernstein. 
    Brian O'Dwyer's nephew, Dan Ryan, is an assistant Director to the Funds, soon to replace Stuart as Director. 
    Sources say this is just the tip of the iceberg, monies have been mismanaged and misspent. 
    Contact the Deptartment of Labor have them investigate this conflict of interest!!!</span>

  4. Did Pete Thomassen Son, Cue Ball John Thomassen show up at the hearings?

  5. It was wonderful to see how seriously the Latino Club takes our current situation.I think it is great that you were able to use the hearings to ask the International to formally recognise your club.I can see why such a noble enterprise should receive monies from the district council.
    I thought it was understandable that you felt that the current situtation with our leadership was secondary to you being able to collect funds from the union to support your club.
    I understand that with such an important issue as your club to deal with it you were not able to offer any testimony relating to our disgraced leadership.Please feel free to take advantage of any future catastrophies to further your own agenda.
    What else are we here for?
    Honestly, I am thrilled that you had an oppurtunity to promote yourselves while the rest of us were selfishly worried about the future of our union.
    I sincerely hope that your club gets the recognition it deserves for this.
    I would like to thank you for showing visiting members of the international how serious we are about cleaning up the district council and our locals.I was afraid they might think everyone in New York was just out to see what they could get for themselves.

  6. where worried about the future and the future of the upcoming apprentices or atleast the apprentices that can hang in there if there is any work.we need to make this work out before there is no more union and all non union.still see a lot of none union jobs all one cares if theres a blow up  rat sitting outside they will still work.we need to rally together and make this work and keep the union brotherhood going,a very dissaponted member


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