Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Update: Frank Spencer Finally Speaks Out

I finally received my letters in the mail today from General President Douglas McCarron and Vice President Frank Spencer explaining the "emergency situation", the "profoundly disturbing" charges of corruption and reported "drug use" that exist at the NYC District Council.

Its been 27 days since the arrest of Mike Forde and others and the majority of the membership is still completely in the dark about what is going on with the imposed "emergency supervision".

Here's something I find amusing, Mr. Spencer ends his letter saying "I have every confidence in the members of this council, and I believe that we can work together to build the kind of operation you deserve and a union of which you can be proud of".

The picture to the right is a snapshot of the district councils website after you click the link "contact us", showing a message "Under Construction"... Are you feeling proud yet?


  1. Who's this writing, Don't see a tag line

  2. When Fraud was indicted in 2000 and convicted in 2004, McCarron did nothing. Why was that?

  3. In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Overwhelming evidence is not enough to assume guilt. I will wait (and wait) for that Day of Judgment to reserve my opinion on Forde, Greaney, and Hayes.

    But make no mistake.... all their "good" work went to shit when NO ONE stood up to Forde about his
    severe coke issue. How could they? When they are doing it themselves. 608 leadership has severe character and moral flaws. I mean they exemplify what a good all boys club is all about. They act like a bunch of frat boys in their 40's, 50's, and 60's. It’s disgusting! All them boys knew how fucked Forde was; you don't have to be a drug expert to know he was high as kite all the time. How events had to revolved around his condition. Greaney and Hayes at best might have been great "union men", but their greed to stay in positions of power made them turn the other way.

    I being an apprentice look at all the B.A.s sitting high and mighty (except for Martin...he was nervous as hell) and I know that some are simply dirty rats that haven't been caught yet. In my short time in this union, I have gone from a supporter to a doubter to a cynic. I know why people sway away from the spirit of the union and then only care about themselves. The union hurts when the leadership is selfish, greedy, uneducated, power hungry, abusive, and unchanging. What should anyone expect anything
    different from the membership?

    I didn't care that Greaney and Hayes where at the meeting, like I said before; they are innocent until proven guilty. I wasn't surprise by the amount of ass kissing, seems like 608 members have perfected that skill. However, what I was shock by was how short and unimportant the meeting was. You would think that there would be questions, comments, something!!! Especially since the person that led the last meeting was accused of some serious violations. Perhaps maybe cause our ex EST is in rehab and accused of some even worse shit.

    Not one single question from a pack gym. Not a single sack of balls in that room. I question staying
    in this local. I'm just sick of the antics, culture, structure, leadership, drunkies, druggies, and
    (above all) fellow members. I think I'll transfer my dues to another drama know, change of scenery.

    At least we got a t-shirt out of it!! The shirt says in huge white letters, “Proud to be Union”… after
    another scandal. Ironic!

    What I advocate is that anyone who participated or knew that Forde had a huge drug problem; and never objected or brought up concerns about how that would affect his decisions in the union….they should be fired! Because they did not do what was in the interest of the union and its members.


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