Monday, August 5, 2013

Judge Berman Denies Bilello's Appeal

Clueless Bilello, You're fired!
Breaking News...Judge Berman issued a Decision and Order today denying Bilello's appeal, in short Berman wrote "there is a continuing need for zero tolerance of official misfeasance and malfeasance at the District Council."

On Monday, April 29, 2013 Bilello, the former disgraced carpenter boss, was booted from his post by the court appointed Review Officer (RO) Dennis Walsh for violating several union rules — including directing a schedule pay raise into the Welfare Fund without proper authorization (a story we broke on March 23, 2013) and letting a suspended union member work at the Javits Center and then lie about it.

Among other things Berman wrote, "Having reviewed the record herein, "the RO’s April 29, 2013 Veto correctly concludes, with respect to Specification 1, that from on or about July 1, 2012, through March 12, 2013, Bilello failed to abide by Section 21 of the District Council Bylaws and caused or attempted to cause employer compensation for members totaling more than $900,000 to be directed to the New York City District Council of Carpenters Welfare Fund.

Bilello contends that Specification 1 is “unreasonable” because, while “before the week of March 20, [2013] he had not taken note of § 21’s terms,” (Bilello Petition at 8), the Delegate Body approved his actions on March 27, 2013 nunc pro tunc, “curing any prejudice from this procedural oversight.”

The RO responds (persuasively) that Bilello’s action was more than a mere “procedural” oversight. “Allowing Bylaws to be disregarded, especially based on past practices, [i.e. historical pervasive mismanagement in the Union], would undermine the reform efforts undertaken pursuant to the Consent Decree and the Stipulation and Order.”



  2. "Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
    Matthew 5:10

  3. Now what about Mr. Cavanaugh he co-signed everything, and so did McInnis. Move em' out!

    1. and what happens when there is no one left to blame? will we then look to our selves?

  4. kelty and his thugs have won this one, who's next on their list, if the membership doesn't join together to stop the madness then we're all fucked, Billelo was a good man taken down by thugs with there own agenda, so watch out and wait for the next hammer to drop

    1. Thugs? Really? Bilello had been rehearsing for this job since 1995 and has now been fired twice. Thugs & bullies are those who refuse to read, follow or obey the rules, reg's laws, ordinances, by-laws etc.

      Thugs always feel the rules do not apply to them. Thugs always shoot from the hip. Thugs cringe when you tell them they have homework & cannot come out & play until it is complete & thoroughly reviewed and checked for accuracy. Thugs continue this mindset into their adult years and take the easy way out, say by opting for the bar after a short easy do-nothing day at work verses doing their homework into the wee hours if necessary.

      Billelo was ill-prepared and sill-schooled and not by any stretch was he ready for the EST (CEO) position of this near $5 billion dollar organization.

      His veto was just and he has no further appeals unless he wishes to continue throwing more good money after bad & opt to appeal Judge Bermans decision & order. Tell him to send any money he would choose to squander on a frutiless appeal and send it in to the Church of his choice, Feed the Children, St. Judes, Childrens Hospital or Veterans organizations as any or all of them would put the money he has paid to Petrillo to far better use.

      Cavanaugh, your next - Batter Up.


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