Monday, April 29, 2013

Notice of Veto by the Review Officer

To: Michael Bilello
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
New York District Council

With a Notice of Possible Action and related procedures having been sent to Michael Bilello (“Bilello”) on March 26, 2013, and upon the facts presented in the Declaration of Jack Mitchell, dated April 29, 2013, incorporated herein by reference, the Affirmation of Michael Bilello dated April 26, 2013, and having considered the statements and arguments made by Bilello and his counsel in the pre-action conference conducted by the undersigned and attended by Investigator Mitchell on April 26, 2013, and upon my observations of Bilello's conduct and undertakings as Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the New York District Council since January 11, 2012, I find that there is reasonable cause to believe that:

(1) from on or about July 1, 2012, through March 12, 2013, Bilello failed to abide by Section 21 of the District Council Bylaws and caused or attempted to cause employer compensation for members to be directed to the New York City District Council of Carpenters Welfare Fund;

(2) on March 22, 2013, Bilello directed a business representative of the District Council attempting to properly enforce the collective bargaining agreement at the Javits Center to let a suspended member work at the Javits Center knowing that the person had been suspended as a member;

(3) from on or about September 2012, to the present, Bilello failed to continue the development of the business representative cross-training program recommended by the Review Officer and begun by the former District Council President and Assistant to the EST;

(4) from on or about January ll, 2012, to the present, Bilello failed to review minutes of the meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Benefit Funds with the District Council Executive Committee, in contravention of the Section 10(L) of the Bylaws of the District Council;

(5) on March 22, 2013, Bilello failed to cooperate with an investigation of the Review Officer by falsely stating, in sum and substance, that a certain business representative “suggested to me that I give [a suspended member] to the end of the week [working at Javits Center], like we are doing for others.”

The conduct of Michael Bilello violated the Stipulation and Order entered in this matter on June 3, 2010 (the Stipulation and Order) and presents grounds for a veto pursuant to Paragraphs 5.b.iii (c, d and e) and 7 of the Stipulation and Order. His service as Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the New York District Council is hereby vetoed.

April 29, 2013

Dennis M. Walsh
Review Officer



    1. See the April 29, 2013 submission to the Court (the letter) to Judge Berman for the illegal Aggrandizement of Power as directly related to the August 5, 2011 By-laws which centered on the corrupt actions of counselor Murphy, Mike Bilello, Dennis Walsh & John DeLollis of the WC & C relative to the illegal CDB (Council Delegate Body) vote for full mobility.

      In it, I called for criminal racketeering charges against the aforementioned parties as well as the permanent suspension of the bar cards for the participating attorneys, Walsh included.

      This was the primary motivating factor for Dennis Walsh to veto Bilello the same day the letter was docketed to the court; albeit Dennis chose the easy way out predicated on charges that wouldn't otherwise deserve a slap on the wrist, but in doing so, his name was kept out of it.

      This letter was also the primary impetus behind bringing in additional legal counsel - enter Judge Jones as the writing was on the wall for Walsh to exit stage left and exit pronto!

      I wrote the letter to the Court dated 4-29-12 (supposed to be dated 4-29-13) TED

      As far as the veto of Bilello is otherwise concerned, myself and the blog owner & Rich Dorrough forced Walsh to act by a preponderance of the evidence against him, as in Lebo before him; and moreso, our efforts were predicated upon the criminal standard of 'beyond a reasonable doubt' therein leaving RO Walsh no choice but to act to remove Bilello and forward the Veto to Judge Berman.

      Not for nothing, but after having docketed & read the 4-29-13 letter, Judge Berman in chambers with Dennis Walsh would have to advise Dennis it was also his time to depart given the fact that the corrupt motives were exposed, were docketed and were backed up by law & precedent which he simply could not overcome were we to press on and move for a grand jury via the U.S. DOJ.

    2. The Veto of Bilello was a year long plus effort on the part of those noted above as evinced by all of the hard work, time, research and effort expended to force the R.O. to act and as specifically documented time & again on this blog by John


  2. now how do we get rid of that bleach blonde little weasel?


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