Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Schroeder letter to Judge Breman

We write to Your Honor noting our opposition to the following items:

Subversion of Court Order and Aurandizement of Power: 

The Office of the NYCDCC EST's intentional mis-statement of the Order of the Court dated April 11,2013 wherein the D.C.'s EST stated: "As per the order and direction today of Judge Berman, the fully executed Wall & Ceiling agreement will be brought before the Delegate Body for ratification at the next Delegate meeting. The next meeting will take place on April 25th at 5:00p.m."



  2. Demian Schroder the membership should thank god your fighting for them. I must say you always represent the membership with logic and facts something everyone should be proud of. My hope is that more people show up and participate in this union. I wish you the best and am proud to call you my brother. Bill Kane

  3. Thank you Bill Kane:

    We don't forget that our submissions to the Court are product of rank-and-file Carpenters like yourself who continue a struggle begun years ago.

    For the work,

  4. Subversion of Court Order and Aurandizement of Power:

    "Aggrandizement"...of power


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