Monday, April 29, 2013

Tick Tock, time running out on Bilello

Bilello faces possible veto today.  
We reported THAT a pre-action conference was held on Friday April 26, to discuss the "notice of possible veto" issued to Executive Secretary-Treasurer Michael Bilello.

Review Officer (RO) Dennis Walsh has stated,"the matter is now under advisement. I expect to decide it very soon, as soon as Monday or Tuesday."

On March 26, 2013 the RO slapped Bilello with an eight-count notice of possible veto, Bilello had until April 9, to answer the complaint and to deliver a written submission to the RO stating any facts, law or arguments which might be relevant to consideration of the possible veto.

We reported that Bilello hired a big gun attorney, Guy Petrillo, (Petrillo Klein & Boxer) who requested an extension to April 22nd, to respond, but "due to his travel schedule" was briefly extended.

Despite transparency claims Bilello has failed to informed or give any update to the delegates or membership regarding the notice of possible of action.


  1. Just got done reading the First Interim Report of the R.O from Dec. 2010 (when everyone had high the song) all 463 pages w/ exhibits....

    Pay attention to the RO's NPA's & actual veto's sustained here (see exhibits) and by comparison, the people vetoed and their crimes & misdemeanors are petty by comparison to the scam's of Bilello, particularly w/ regard to the reallocation scam with the Welfare Fund.

    The RO cannot continue propping this guy up and doing his homework & thinking for him - period. Bilello has failed every known test over the past 15-months and is incapable of running an organization with near $5B in assets. Quite simply he is in over his head.

    Should the RO fail to veto his employment, and in essence re-write the play-book to cover for Bilello's unwavering incompetence at all levels, the high hopes die and the RO will lose any & all credibility he may have built up with the Court and with the rank & file worker/employee over near 3-years of otherwise respectable service.

    This is not about sucking up to D.C. hacks many of whom also need their last two pay-checks.

    This is about the RO's moral, ethical and legal compass and his obligation to abide by the terms & conditions of the Consent Decree and the May 2010 Stipulation & Order appointing him to be the eyes, ears and McGruff Crime Dog for the Court & Judge Berman.

    So, tick, tock, tick, tock we watch & wait to see if the same standards convicting others for far less serious charges will be applied to his choice for EST, Mike Bilello.

    This one is a no-brainer as the cliche goes & the RO's legacy will be forever tied to what he does right here, right now in the next day or two.

    Too many smoking guns for nothing less than a veto, severance pay, give me the keys to the vehicle & hand me the credit cards and have security escort him out of 395 Hudson.

    Will Elvis leave the building, stay tuned!

    1. Biello. Former Carpenter for a Democratic Union top head & elbow rubber. Can't even fake a substantive fight for the members to have a vote. Just mouths the words. The BIG word here is HYPOCRITE .



    April 7, 1897 - Working Cards can only be issued through the Local Unions or District Councils of the United Brotherhood and without discriminating charge in any locality against outside members.

    Uh, oh Mikey....Mike Bilello, Mr EST....hello, is any one home?

    How come I have to pay the $500 tribute and pay a discriminating charge & Kiss the proverbial Ring to work here New York City in violation of the Standing Decision of the General Executive Board of the UBC. I mean, hell, when you worked for Doug & the D.C. in 1997, the 100-year (Centennial) anniversary of this Standing Order, how the heck did you miss this when the NYCDCC By-laws Sec. 14 was drafted?

    You were in Court during the Court Conferences. Could you not have at least slid your dirty/worn copy of the venerable UBCJA Constitution over to the USAO & RO.

    So tell us Mr. EST, when do we obey the UBCJA Constitution and when do ignre it. Where is the play-book for that rule bub?

    Damn, just when you thought Blue Card Boy was dead & buried. I know, I know kid, tough break....
    Meanwhile, back in Washington D.C.

    McCarron: Conboy, Conboy........Conboy damn you - Get your ass in here..what the hell am I paying you for? What the hell is going on in NYC with that Blue Card Boy....I though to you said it was a dead issue - you idiot.....



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