Monday, April 8, 2013

Chief Compliance Officer letter to Judge Breman

Dear Judge Berman: I am writing as the District Council’s Chief Compliance Officer in response to a letter sent to the court by William Davenport that was added to the docket of United States v. District Council et al. on March 11, 2013. Mr. Davenport makes unfounded and derogatory statements concerning the integrity of the District Council’s Inspector General in that letter which require a response. Specifically, Mr. Davenport wrote:

The consent decree has been in place for about 2/3 of my career and corruption still continues. The NYDC placed a man into a position of IG who was up to his neck in corrupt practices regarding the O.W.L. and the placement of dirty stewards.

Scott Danielson has been a member of the District Council for over twenty years and has served as its Inspector General since 2010. He also serves as the District Council’s Deputy Chief Compliance Officer. Even before becoming Inspector General, Mr. Danielson worked closely with the United States Attomey’s Office on several investigations and has been called upon by that office to provide sworn testimony in court proceedings. In addition to the United States Attomey’s Office, Mr. Danielson and the Inspector General’s Office has referred cases and works closely with other state and federal enforcement agencies.


  1. was there a confidentiality agreement for him to a) rat out fellow scoundrels & b) to keep his employment as part of the deal ?

    Funny - so much attention to one mans letter. did he strike a nerve ladies becuase there are deals which have been made, but due to "confidentiality" cannot be disclosed; so to protect the guilty one must defame the innocent who oses the correct question.

    Afterall, we're all a bunch of deranged commies and loners, just ask McCarron.

    How about this CCO, IG & RO:

    Please provide the rank & file member with a detailed "FORENSIC ANALYSIS" and accounting of every single dollar down to the last red cent spent by the UBCJA International & the District Council from September 6, 1990 through the present day defending, implementing and abiding by its terms and conditions.

    Please provide a break down by individual law firm providing a detailed cost analysis of every activity, procedure, court appearance, investigation, biliings for attending meetings etc

    In the end, it seems that the attorneys have received far more dough the the mob or a few corrupt members & DC employees ever received & by any stretch, given you keep voting yourselves back in & apparently will never go away, in perpetuity - who will have committed the greater crime, the mob - or the Lawyers?

    Talk Amongst Yourselves


  3. Now Davenport is an atrocious idividual in some respects, but he deserves to be defended on this one.The FACT that Scott Danielson presided over the most corrupt Out of Work list practices and did NOTHING to stop them doesn't qualify him as not guilty. He took an oath to protect the brotherhood and did NOTHING that makes him guilty as the day is long. I woul;d like to point out to Josh Leicht and Dennis Walsh that because of Scott Danielsons lack of action families were destroyed ,reputations were ruined, and honest people went without work because of his FAILURE TO ACT!!! these are FACTS something Josh and the RO never fail to consider.If you think any of these people have your best intrests at heart you should thank your dealer for providing some incredible shit!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Leicht, if it wasn't through Danielson that the dispatch list was rigged, changed or altered as to the JRR's, who then? Did Mike Forde have the intelligence to fix the computerized dispatches. I think we can all agree he did not.

    No but Mack had some awfully incriminating things to say about the anti corruption committee where Danielson sat right next to Leary & etc etc.......................More to come.

    1. You will find a lot of Mack's reports posted at the below link.

  5. Leicht needs to go

  6. Dozens of bylaw violations by the Bilello adnistration have happened under Leichts watch.
    Josh Leicht mudt be fired now,

  7. Who did he rat out & what was in Beam me Up Scotty's confidentiality ageement with the Fed's? Unseal it now for Judge Berman & for the rank & file - Enquiring minds want to know why a clown who apparently has never worked a day in his life with the tools has this much power over peoples careers and their ability to earn a union pay-check.

    What deals or orders were handed down from McCarron and when? We all know ole Doug has a running hit list of dissidents he needs taken out, through the classic tag "DNH" (do not hire) on the UBC Ultra system, which only they have access to.

    Time for Judge Berman & R.O. Walsh to issue an order to the UBCJA to make public via secure accounts all info & dat that the UBCJA & DC enter into the UBC ULTRA system so members can monitor their own status live, in real time as to each OWL their name is entered on. Members could then see where they stand in comparison to others and know who is getting preferential treatment in hiring and who is getting balck-balled.

    Of course ole Doug, that slick DryWall Sheet-Counter hack that he is (another Danielson, zero real ime on the tools) would cry foul & claim confidentiality.

    After 23-1/2 Years of fucking around with a Criminal RICO racketeering syndicate and after 19-Years of an all but useless Civil RICO Consent Decree - the rank & file, after having spent tens of miilions of dollars is still pissing in the wind while the lawyers, cops & investigators and Contractor Associations laugh all the way to the Bank; all the while as each day passes, the Federal District Court loses more & more of its credibility and inherent authority to make a difference in ending the corrupt practices.

    Time for Judge Berman to re-write the play book (the Consent Decree) as the 19-year old deal with the UBC International has only exacerbated the fraud & corruption. And who mind ya has been at the helm the entire time, bit slick ole Trust me Your Honor Douglas J. McCarron.

    At some point in time, enquiring minds have to ask this question - When shall Preet Bashara & Ben Torrance grow a set of balls and open an investigation on the UBCJA International? No need to mince words here ladies, McCarron is a corrupt son of a bitch. Everyone knows it, including the Court and no one does a damn thing about it.

    Talk amongst yourselves Ladies!

    Conboy - get your ass in here, get me that assholes fucking U-Number......

  8. How much are we paying this guy for such a wonderful job?

  9. In Leicht's lttr., is the application of Dear a fitting introduction?

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