Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bilello Blames RO for His Failures

Bilello failed to implement contract. 
 "The Wall Ceiling contract was negotiated last August but could not be implemented due to the requirements imposed by the Review Officer,"––EST Bilello

On Wednesday March 27, Review Officer (RO) Dennis Walsh slapped Executive Secretary-Treasurer Michael Bilello with an eight-count notice of possible veto.

The charges include among other things, from on or about August 22, 2012, through October 2012, Bilello "failed to take reasonable and prudent measures to implement the terms" of the Wall and Ceiling contract.

Back in January we wrote, "while we struggle to pay our bills and put food on the table, the Bilello administration, despite having thirteen months in office and claims of working "tirelessly," has failed to nail down a new contract. This inability to negotiate and implement a contract has and continues to cost this membership tens of millions in lost wages and benefits!"

Carpenters have been working without a new WC&C contract since June 30, 2011, and have not received a raise since October 2010.

In March 2012, the membership (including Bilello)  soundly rejected the Wall and Ceiling contract (negotiated by the UBC) which included full mobility.

After the failed contract vote, Bilello spent months dithering and flip-flopping before deciding to break his campaign promise (again) and support of full mobility.

In July 2012, Bilello set the stage for enacting full mobility. He extended an invitation to John Delollis, the Director of the WC&C, to present his new contract proposal (including full mobility) to the delegate body.

Bilello has stated, his primary reason for the flip-flop was the ability to capture over "two million man-hours lost" to the council from members working in our jurisdiction who are members of other UBC councils.

An informed source said, Bilello had planned to put the WC&C proposal up for a delegate vote on July 25, 2012, but decided to postpone the vote after several opposition delegates expressed their anger over having Delollis address the delegate body.

In the latest issue of "The Carpenter" Bilello wrote, "The Wall Ceiling contract was negotiated last August but could not be implemented due to the requirements imposed by the Review Officer (RO)."

From the way he wrote that, you would think that the RO is in charge of the council and that Bilello didn't know in order to implement a contract with full mobility, he ( District Council) and employers "must develop an appropriate compliance program," in order to gain approval of the RO and the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Bilello is fully aware of that fact. He also knows that because the "full mobility" clause represents a change to the hiring ratios (67% - 33%) mandated in a May 2009 federal court order, it will have to be approved by Judge Berman.

"Bilello has trouble making decisions and then following through with a plan," a high ranking council employee said.

Bilello is playing fast and loose with the facts and is attempting to blame the RO for his inability to implement the contract.

Intervention by the RO

Last December, though not required to do so, the RO asked DeLollis and Bilello, if they would meet with him to try to "work out" and implement the terms of the WC&C contract signed in August 2012.

If it was not for the intervention of the RO, Bilello might still be dithering on how to move forward and implement the terms of the contract he negotiated and signed.

Below is a partial excerpt from the December 19, 2012 court conference, where the RO gives Judge Berman an update on the status of the WC&C agreement.

MR. WALSH: The status of the collective bargaining includes, I think, an historic milestone for the district council. The benchmark agreement between the district council and the wall-ceiling association is, I believe, very close to  implementation. And that, of course, is with the court's consent.

The agreement was struck in the latter part of the summer or early fall. But its implementation has been delayed by the inability of the council and the association to agree upon the compliance piece and who actually is going to pay for the technology that is going to be needed to allow stewards to electronically enter the time for the job sites.

And I think the better part of a month was lost with both sides really ignoring I think the opportunity to sit down and meaningfully address that issue.

I asked Mr. DeLollis, John DeLollis from the wall-ceiling association, and Michael Bilello, who is the executive secretary/treasurer of the district council, if they would meet with me to try to work out that impasse. And I think that was a very successful meeting that was held within the last two weeks at the union.

It was agreed by Mr. DeLollis and Mr. Bilello that they would approach the labor management fund which is composed in equal parts of employer trustees and union trustees. The purpose of the LM fund is to foster union opportunities for the industry, for the carpenters union and for their signatory employers.

This week, I believe it was Monday, the labor management fund trustees met and they agreed that on an initial basis $400,000 would be spent by the LM fund to purchase approximately a thousand units, whether they be iPads or notebook computers, which will be distributed to stewards after they receive training in how to enter the data.

To read the full transcript click here.

(John's note: Below is an excerpt from the Fifth Interim Report Of The Review Officer regarding the governance of the District Council that is relevant to the situation).

"In my view, the governance system is still a fledgling. Despite some growing pains, I think the system will not only work but grow to serve the District Council well. Much will depend on the commitment of all involved to take it seriously, master the Bylaws, study issues and engage in informed and collegial debate."



  2. (FACT) Millions of dollars will be spent on full mobility to accomodate companies that dont pay the benfits anyway! .....From The 4th Interim Report~~>> While the issue of “full mobility” is front and center, there are many other issues that are to be dealt with inthe context of collective bargaining. These issues affect not only the District Council but the Benefit Funds. Forexample, there is the issue of bonds that employers are required to have before beginning work on a job (whichprovide some security against any subsequent nonpayment of benefits). It appears that many employers may not bein compliance with this obligation or have been allowed to post bonds that are inadequate. This may be because,under certain circumstances, employers are exempt and the exemption is being interpreted too broadly. Outsidecounsel for the Benefit Funds together with collections counsel for the Funds is reviewing this issue

  3. The District Council has outlived it's usefullness. The inability of any Government agency or half hearted internal attempts to combat corruption have failed completley and wholly. The expense to the membership can no longer be tolerated. Mr.Walsh should resign for his clear biased actions that side with the Contractor Associations and the Corrupt Executive Committee as well as the paid RUBBER STAMP DELEGATE system. Matt Walker is an expensive waste of our effort ,he clearly lacks the educational background, and the working experience to effectivley police a large fraternal organization.The Rank and File membership has suffered far too long, and should file lawsuits against the UBC International, The Department of Justice, Southern District Court, All Fiduciary Trustees, as well as civil suits against all responsible.

  4. How can you blame Mike,you got everyone sending letters to Berman.Which holds up the process.WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT.

    1. First off, Fuck You council insider, or shall I say ball washer.
      Next, Billelo would not be EST if it were not for RO Walsh, but Walsh made the deal with the devil and so did Mike.
      Fuck You both!

    2. Your going to have to wait longer than you think, what about them apples.

  5. Is this the BETA president?

  6. Louis J. Coletti
    President and CEO

    Louis J. Coletti has over 25 years of experience in New York’s City’s construction industry.

    He has been the President & Chief Executive Officer of the Building Trades Employers’ Association since 1997. The BTEA is the nation’s largest contractor organization representing 27 contractor associations and 1,800 union construction managers, general contractors, and subcontractors in New York City. He is responsible for leading the NYC construction industry’s strategy and efforts in the areas of economic development, government affairs, construction safety and workforce development and labor relations coordination.

    From 1993-1997 he served as Senior Vice President at the construction management firm of Leher McGovern Bovis and from 1986-1993 as President & Chief Executive Officer of the New York Building Congress.

    He serves as Vice-Chairman of the Mayor’s Commission on Construction Opportunities, on the Executive Committee of the Association for a Better New York, is a member of the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation Policy Advisory Board, ACE Mentor Board of Directors and NYU Schack Real Estate School of Construction Management Advisory Board.

    In 2008 he was named one of Engineering News Record Magazine's Top 25 National Newsmakers being recognized for his leadership in the a first of its kind in the nation, private sector Economic Recovery Project Labor Agreement with organized labor. That agreement led to the restarting of over $ 15 billion in construction projects that saved or created over 25,000 construction jobs during the economic crisis in 2008.

    Mr. Coletti holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the New York University Robert Wagner School of Public Administration, and a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University. He also is a graduate of the David Rockefeller Fellows Program of the New York City Partnership.


    1. so what the fuck does a guy like this know about construcyion . i did.t read anywhere that he had a trade or that he actually worked side by side with men

  7. Louis "Big Lou" Colletti is the guy that really is in control of the council.

  8. To the guy whos worried about holding up the process would you want to work on a job where all the other trades are recieving full pay and excellent benefits except you? Well its happening right now MORON.PLA's will be the norm if this contract goes through. Those raises (sweetners) will never be seen IDIOT.If your so concerned ask your council ballbag rep why he or she never enforces the contract? Oh thats right your a ballless coward like them. your favorite answer is YES.

  9. (ignorantia legis neminem excusat)

    Ignorance is No Excuse

    1. King Bilello can't figure which side of the razor is used to shave with. At $250,000 a year pay a barber to give you a shave Mike,

  10. how about a contract that lasts 5 years and at the end the rank and file get to vote on how to go forword fullmobility or not i belive full mobility will be bad for the union but as a forman i can understand why contractors hate some of these men from the hall they are paying for the best and should get the best i did my 4 years of the aprentice program and i learened a lot if a member gets 3 bad reports he should go back to mandatory training


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