Monday, April 15, 2013

NLRB spokeswoman to step down, work for carpenters union

By Sean Higgins

“Yep, I’m moving on,” National Labor Relations Board media director Nancy Cleeland told the Examiner via email this afternoon.

She added: “I’m going to work on a project looking at the underground/non-tax/cash economy, doing some research and communications work. A little closer to my reporting roots. This is my last week.”

The project in question will be for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, she said. “(T)his is a very big issue for them. Their contractors can’t compete with guys who are getting a 30% discount by not paying taxes and workers comp.”

I was tipped off to the move by a source who noted her job is currently being advertised on the website. That is the federal government’s official bulletin board for available jobs.

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  1. Does it ever stop with MCarron?

  2. The legal work has already been done in Mass, NY etc and she ain't gonna add a damn thing to it.

    She is going back to her journalisitic roots, like there is such a thing anymore in the USA. Every major newspaper/rag across the country and the major networks & cable are full of people with half assed credentials writing at an 8th grade level and people wonder why they;re all going out of business.

    Bottom line, the reporting sucks. The press has become noting more than puppets for the political party's. Given her career at the NLRB, all she will do for McCriminal is write puff pieces for the Carpenter, that one-sided rag by the UBC that we never see anymore or the International's website.

    Rah, rah, go McCriminal. Hiring her must be to burn off some of the excess cash he's stolen over the years, unless of course she's a looker and eye candy for the old farts on Doug's E-Board, you know - those who better Pension out before indictments are handed down. Don't hurt yourself ladies & whatever you do, don't do a Lebo - behave,


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