Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Makowski letter to Judge Berman

Your Honor; Though I had not contemplated submitting a second letter when referring to my April 3 2013 affidavit, I respectfully request, that due to time constraints in meeting that deadline for express mail service to the Court, I wish to now forward to the Court information which had not yet been publicly available. With the graciousness of an extension for all submissions on this matter till April 11 2013, I will be as brief as possible.




  2. Thanks Bobby for pointing out the truth to the judge. The RO didnt require the delegate body to post a deadline about the vote for the wall and ceiling or the bca contract. No member input and dc paid delegates are a conflict of intrest for democracy and union members democratic rights.When walsh staed to the judge that the delegate body approved the contracts in a democratic fashion is that true if the members didnt get to see a full contract or even get a deadline date to contact their delegates on which way they would like the delegates to vote? If the issues are never completley and accurately shown to the members how is that transparent? Thanks again Bobby sincerely Bill Kane

  3. hey last I knew all the members turned down the contracts containing the full mobility clause.why would any of us want it now? all this shit is just exposing the ones who are running this excuse of a district council.all from the ro,est, so-called legal counsel and most of all the fuckin delegates,who are all supposed to be voting the way the members want.transparency, my ass.all just a bunch of yes men.they take off the tools and they forget where they came from. better to put all these hacks back out in the field.let them all remember what it is to work for a living. they all try to get outta working because they are not either comfortable or not very good as mechanics. this includes the waste of money service reps,organizers, etc. how many non-union jobs have been turned? I bet it aint worth the cost of all these new reps,etc.all this shit is designed to drain our monies. what we want is a fair days pay for a fair days work,along with our benefits. same thing we have had for the last 30 years. we don't need leeches,hangers-on to drain our hard earned money.i implore all members to get involved.before its too late.where do I sign?


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