Sunday, April 21, 2013

NYCDCC Benefit Funds v. O'Dwyer & Bernstien

This is a legal malpractice action against a law firm and certain of its individual attorneys whose egregious neglect of numerous collection matters caused their clients – a group of employee benefit plans that provide pension, health, and other benefits to working carpenters and their families – to lose the ability to collect millions of dollars in unpaid contributions from the workers’ employers.



  2. Good, they are going after the Lawyers. When are they going to go after Mo Leary, Mo McGrath, Devereaux, Hanley, Thomassen, Sheilds, etc.

  3. Let the bodies hit the floor.The rats are going for total cannablism.Watch as they eat each other up.Wait for exciting updates as the names of crooked union officials that are still there flow like wine. McCarron might actually be exposed in this one too.Stay tuned stay focused and Stay union this could be very good for the members.

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