Monday, April 1, 2013

New MWA Agreement to Provide Healthcare for Workers

District Council News...An interim settlement agreement has been reached to provide 500 hours of medical coverage to all those affected by the Manufacturing Woodworkers Association of Greater New York (MWA) arbitration, including those who lost coverage in recent months and those who were in danger of losing it as of April 1, 2013. The money for coverage will be allocated from contributions already made by participating employers that has been held in escrow up to this point.

Final approval among the management trustees of the NYCDCC welfare fund; the MWA and the Hollow Metal Trust Fund was finalized on Sunday, March 31, 2013 . This agreement is to address the immediate concern of healthcare coverage for the affected members. This is the first step in reaching an overall agreement between the District Council and the MWA.

For more information, contact Council Reps:

Andrew Mucaria (917) 376-5542 Robert Villalta (347) 491-0739



  2. tragic change. shame, shame.
    what about other contributions as retirement?

    1. That is all pending as a new agreement is negotiated

  3. Everything pending @ 395, is presumed to come true..............It could happen to you..................... la la la F'n La. Idiots & idiot lawyers @ 395.

  4. Bilello's attempt at damage control

  5. they make it seem its a true bill as an agreement that goes into effect immediately and its still pending....

  6. is anyone to let me know where all talks are now? biello could be out and who will make the talk for all of us? secondary, is any scenario for july 1st after potential contract could be over?
    finally, is any chance that our lower benefits since may 2012 will be either paid by mwa or dc?
    i'm getting tired waiting for outcome and considering dropping this mess.

  7. hopefully on july 1st will be a strike due to no new agreement. for a year MWA employees are receiving a much lower benefits. i simply have enough and will probably drop the union.
    is anyone knows the current situation?

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