Friday, April 5, 2013

Transcript of Judge Berman's court hearing April 3, 2013

THE COURT: We're here because of an application by Mr. Franco. And I thought we would, if you were interested, hear from Mr. Franco if he wants to be heard and also from district council and just to take a few minutes and during the course of that, I may have a few questions from you. Is Mr. Franco here? Do you wish to be heard?

MR. FRANCO: Good morning, your Honor.



  2. Tzynar should be vetoed for falsifying union documents. The recordings do not match the minutes.

  3. Thank you Dan Franco, for being the Union reformist the USAO's office indicates. That line about not liking the person that was voted in, ya know the sour grapes/Election item, a crock! We all know there's no personal vendetta as to that circumstance. Its the qual's and hiring process that was the sum & substance, the new bar to reach for instead of the status quo.

    Torrance say's "it sounds like" sour grapes. Is this how this guy prosecutes, by interpretation of sound waves.

    Anyway get the present e-board out, have a free election and get your butt in there so we don't have to bear the burden of what Walsh said was the "stranglehold on transparency."

    As such is the absolute truth a) What did he do to halt that wrong & b)they, the Exec bd. and committee all are responsible for it and need to be removed and not able to infect 395 any more..


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