Sunday, April 14, 2013

Reminder: RO Town Hall Monday April 15th.

(Originally posted 4/7/13)

Review Officer (RO) Dennis Walsh is having a Town Hall at 4 pm on Monday, April 15th on the tenth floor at the District Council. Video and audio recording by any and all attendees is permitted.

Also members should ring the phones of the delegates off the hooks over the next 12 days and let them know their views on the contract vote as well as any other matter relating to the union.

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  2. Lets set an agenda as members and make this weasel WALSH answer us.He is a straight up bullshit artist who thinks giving the companies all the power will solve the problem. What a MORON1 Walsh is the next CONBOY!!!! WE should all go to the mic and request his resignation he has done ZERO for the membership.

  3. AnonymousApril 7, 2013 at 11:02 AM
    (ignorantia legis neminem excusat) Latin for: Ignorance is No Excuse

    Proverbs 13:18-20
    18: Poverty and shame shall be to him that refuseth instruction; but he that regardgeth reproof shall be honoured.
    19: The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul; but it is abomination to fools, to depart from evil.
    20: He that walketh with wise men shall be wise; but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

    Mike - You have walked with fools, heeding their advice and turning away from your stated belief's & what you stood for during your campaign and you have failed to perform or stand firm for the men & woman of this District Council. Your professed ignorance of right & wrong and your arrogance in refusing correction is disturbing.

    Proverbs 18:21
    Death & Life are in the power of the tongue; and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

    Please resign, for your own sake and ours.

  4. To announce the veto of EST Bilello & the process for an expedited hybrid election as was done with his partner in crime, one Bill Lebo.

    The R.O. cannot afford to taint his own reputation by continued involvement in this imbriglio, lest he too assume the role of a fool.

    1. "imbroglio"

      Run Dennis Run....far, far away from this Fool, former EST Mike Bilello, lest he take you with him.

      16-Months of having the Training Wheels on & you educating everyone and speaking and thinking for him at Delegate Meetings is too much for anyone to take any longer.

      Bilello is a FOOL in capital letters and he Speakes with Forked Tongue as the saying goes - so what more do you need to know?

      You have him on a half dozen causes of action and indictable offenses afew of which carry some serious time behind bars (i.e. the kind of time Forde got).

      No time like the present to act & yes, we do eat our own when they are corrupt sons of bitches. This asshole has gotta go!

      Has Petrillo signed the LCN Declaration, you may want to check that one out


  6. Deveraux, Hayes, Firth, D'Errico, Brugeras, Antonucci, Tucillo,and the list goes on and on. All are waiting on the wings for the RO to leave. Careful what you wish for.

  7. where is the real leadership to get us out of this mess.enough is enough.we have our own problems trying to get work.we also have enough problems organizing the platforms should be put into place.our marketshare is shriking very stead of fighting ,lets solve all our problems by bringing all our resources togerther to defeat the comman enemy,by organizing one job at a time.we need community support with good comman sence tactics such as they do not pay taxis,violations of unsafe working conditions,all trades need to come togerther to defeat the comman enemy,good leadership need to make bold decisions for the survival of the labor movement,educate thepublic what is going on,get as many certifications so we could put everybody back to work to remain a strong union for the future

  8. by organizing one job at a time

    Great we'll all be dead & buried by then?

  9. So he's holding it in a room that will restrict attendance #'s HHMMM.

  10. "If in light of all of the available facts and input, prudence dictates changing the allocation so that the Welfare Fund will receive a greater percentage, the officers must do so regardless of whether the decision might be unpopular with certain members more concerned with wages than with benefits.”

    The officers must do so regardless.....need I go on? The RO has spun this to paint the willful & wanton violation of many federal laws as a simple political issue, when in fact he, as the conductor of the orchestra is directing the band to break the law.....follow the bouncing ball & look both ways before you run into traffic. Of course, the guy hiding behind the curtain or in the alternative, the one hiding behind the car & tripping you you so you get run over - well ladies, that is none other than who _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ fill in the blank

  11. regardless of whether the decision might be unpopular with certain members more concerned with wages than with benefits.”

    But the idiot W&C association that had not wanted raises at any time prior to Walsh ushering Dellois into 395 to propagandize the so called $96/Hr. Sweetener.

    In speaking to certain members they are upset that any delay to their raises, provided the contracts are stopped, well they would hate those that kept dollars out of the members pockets.

    After explaining to him, the PLA, Market recovery & hardship concessions, and the meandering that will occurr between builders & subs as to the square footage factor, as every leading factor to indicate they'll be making $78/hr when its all said & done he replied, Oh I didn't see it that way.

    WAKE UP NYCDC MEMBERS, Your going to be in for a terrible let down after its too late to do anything about it.

  12. How can you call this a Town Hall? It should be called a City Council Meeting - it is freakin Manhattan & the 5-boro's afterall.

    Seriously, this ain't small Town New England involving some hick Town with that quaint New England church as a back-drop for the Meeting, or a Norman Rockwell moment.

    It's a city with 9-Million plus people, the one hit on 9-11, the one where the 5-Mob families still rule, so save us the b.s.

    You're dealing with a failed, yes....FAILED 23-1/2 Year Old abortion of a Criminal RICO case into a phony ass civil litigation matter. The Department of Justice and the United States Attorneys Office, lead and asst. attorneys have had their head jammed so far up their ass of late, that the obvious escapes them. These fools need to go too. Time for their last two pay-checks, lest the District Council & the UBCJA International keep making the Federal District Court and its inherent authority continue looking like the joke it all has become.

    If you people were doing your damn jobs instead of blindly looking the other way and allowing McCarron to continue the racketeering he condoned under Forde; and, just going through the motions while submitting monthly billings (easy money) for doing as little as possible, this bullshit Consent Decree should have been done in 2-4 years max.

    The NYCDCC Easy Money Carpenter Bank has become the go to Piggy Trough for cush-do nothing jobs for otherwise unemployable retired cops & investiagtors who don't know the first damn thing about the construction industry and who have no damn business taking the best jobs for themsleves & locking out carpenters in the process by rules they author.

    This is the classic case of the pot calling the kettle black & it is hypocritical from the word go. Time for a Forensic Accounting going back to day 1, September 6, 1990 to review every last dime spent on this bullshit case & then, whne we itemize the expenses we'll see just how damn inneffective all of you have been, the lawyers that is - as you've consumed the role that you all abhorred when the Mob was doing it, yet, they have stole far less dough overall that you guys. and the facts and the paper trail bear that out!

  13. Gene Clarke told Walsh at one of the mettings to just do his job. Walsh needs to go far far away. He doesn't speak for me + is a 80,000$$$$$ pile of shit. Walsh's main job was to get rid of the mob + he has failed. Nobody wants to rock the boat that feeds them so its buisness as usual at the nycdcc. I just have 2 words for the nycdcc + Walsh. FUCK YOU !

  14. John if you could post the phone numbers to the current delegate body it would be great help for all members to be able to contact them,

    1. I do not have a list of all phone numbers or email addresses to all the delegates. Maybe you can call Matt Walker the director of Operations of the District Council for that information.

  15. So, who paid attention & got the list of delegate names who were all rah, rah, the Council is God routine...we want our raise, just sign the damn contracts...blah, blah, blah. Half of the idiots there have yet to read the By-laws & could not read or discern the contracts if their life depended on it. Even then, they would not be able to identify all the qualifiers that negate the fairy tales raises promised.

    Accordingly, they resort to the tried & true Sit Down, STFU or I'll beat you up routine of days long past.

    Screw the RO's 500 Word Essay Exam. Essay this holmes! Next go around, the RO needs to administer a basic IQ test to eliminate the morons up front. Round 2 should be Balancing your Checkbook 101 & see who passes that. Get past that, then its the CORI portion, then drug & alcohol testing... then we can play - Can you build a Sawhorse.

    The Organizing portion can be to set up & run a lemonade stand Trump style & see who takes in the most dough. Amoroaso & Rodman are looking for work.

    Then we can move on to the CBA Exam and play let's find out where the DC is screwing us this time...right Bilello - you traitor...lying sack of........._____________


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