Thursday, April 14, 2011

NYC Carpenters Rally 4 Solidarity

New York City Union Carpenters rally in front of NYC District Council of Carpenters Headquarters at 395 Hudson St., NYC on April 13, 2011, to protest against past corrupt council leaders & forecasted changes to local unions, wages, mobility rules, PLAs & CBAs. All of which they claim are being forced upon them from the UBC leadership without any input or a vote of the "rank & file" NYC Carpenters.

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(John's Note: Here is the full transcript of my Rally Speech)

Lets make some noise!

Thank you so much, thank You this is a beautiful, beautiful showing of support.

This is what being a Union is all about.

We are proud to be Union Carpenters!

God bless you!

The epic showdown in Wisconsin over collective bargaining rights, made that state, Ground Zero in the nationwide war against union workers and members rights.

The public service employees in Wisconsin have been fighting a governor over the right to sit down at the bargaining table and have a say about their pay and working conditions.

Nationwide thousands of union workers crowded the streets this past Saturday in a show of solidarity with workers in Wisconsin.

We are in that same fight, only our fight is not with the governor,our fight is with UBC General President Douglas McCarron and his sock puppet Frank Spencer.

NYC is ground zero in the UBC's war against member rights, and from one end of this country to the other they orchestrate massive local dissolution's and mergers without members input.

McCarron is waging war on Carpenters rights.

We didn’t start this fight, but if it’s a fight he wants, it’s a fight he's going to get.

NYC is where we stand our ground, today’s rally has shown that these attacks have only served to energize us.

This is the battlefield, we are either going to win or die as a union.

This is the battlefield for our rights as union members.

This is the battlefield to show the leadership that the Union belongs to its membership!

Do you want the right to have a meaningful and effective voice in your collective bargaining agreements?

Do you want the right to ratify your union contract?

Do you want the right to have a say in how our union is governed?

Do you want the right to vote in all union elections?

Well Douglas McCarron does not want you to have any of these rights.

These rights are under assault from McCarron.

The Carpenters are the largest, best trained, most productive, trade union in NYC.

We are under assault not only from McCarron but from the contractor bosses McCarron is cozying up to.

The contractor bosses are escalating the assault on the living standard of the union carpenters of NYC, and our union leaders are going along with them.

We are not going to take this attack lying down.

Today’s turnout is a testament to our strength, solidarity and commitment to our shared sense of purpose.

This fight is about us, the working class and the survival of this Union.

McCarron wants to deny you your rights!

The contractors want to deny you your fair wages!

This assault is not going to stop!

We either reform this Union and empower the membership or it will cease to exist as we know it.

With all of us standing together in solidarity, we cannot be defeated.

Join me in a chant: Reform Now -  Reform Now -  Reform Now!

For anyone who doubts our resolve,our message is clear, we expect and deserve reform, and we are committed to that resolve.

It is going to be with your efforts that we have an effective voice and shake things up in this District Council.

Review Officer Dennis Walsh has shown he is on our side, he has done and continues to do an excellent job in cleaning up our house.

Together lets help Dennis finish the job.

In December, Let’s send Frank Spencer and Douglas McCarron home.

Join me in a chant: Send McCarron Home -  Send McCarron Home - Send McCarron Home!

Brothers and Sisters with your help we are going to reform this union in a meaningful way.

We have been abused for to long.

This is our union, this is our time, this is our future, this is our defining moment.

Thank you, God bless you, and may God bless our union.



  2. John, didn't a lot of people stand up and make a speech. You self imposing opportunist. What are you running a one man campaign. I'm sure that a lot of people put a lot of hard work into that rally and your making it all about you. Donny Arana put this rally together.

  3. Wow that's bad. I thought the other speakers where better anyway. John had something scripted and everyone else spoke from they hearts.

  4. I guess you did not read John's Note: Many members were taking pictures and video, please email me at or send me a link to your coverage of the rally and I will include it on this blog. Thank you.

  5. John, you need to call 1 800 555 HELP.

  6. To Anonymous(3): Just because someone addresses a crowd with a "scripted" speech, doesn’t mean that their words are not from the heart. Anyone who has ever had to speak to a large gathering is well aware of the terror involved. Following from a prepared speech makes the task far easier than attempting off-the-cuff remarks. Bravo to everyone who had THE GUTS to speak openly (scripted or otherwise) and not hide behind a pseudonym or an alias like you prefer to do.

  7. Paul or should I say John M. Stop posting in all different name.

  8. To Anonymous who said..."John, didn't a lot of people stand up and make a speech. You self imposing opportunist. What are you running a one man campaign. I'm sure that a lot of people put a lot of hard work into that rally and your making it all about you. Donny Arana put this rally together."

    How am I an opportunist and what campaign am I running?

    The brothers and sisters who came out (including you) made this rally a huge success.

    Donny, Gerry and the entire organizing committee who donated their time, money, and made excellent speeches, made this rally a huge success.

    I am posting "ALL" members photos and Video as it becomes available to me.

    There was a brother who videoed many of the speeches and I am waiting for him to edit and send me the video so I can post it.

    Instead of attacking me why don't you contribute something useful that would benefit people who visit this blog?

    I'll make you an offer, write an article sharing your thoughts about the rally and what it meant to you and I will feature and post your article in the main section of the blog.

    Otherwise I would appreciate you posting your attacks and obvious bias against me on some other website and stop visiting this blog.

    PS: I do not post anonymously or under different names. You are the one who post anonymously and under different names.

  9. To Tom Burke and "ALL the Anonymous people, in response to a GangBox comment...You are a jerk, you know absolutely nothing. You are the one criticizing and not doing a dam thing to help reform this union.

    I have said many times I am posting "ALL" members PHOTOS and VIDEOS as it becomes available to me. I already posted 81 photos your jerk.

    Also show me where I have "BASHED" one person, you Mike B. obsessed jerk-off. It's fools like you that make me want to shut this site down.

    I want to see you create a site where thousands of members come together for a common good, exposing corruption and trying to find solutions to the problems that plague this union.

    This is not the NY Times where there is a staff, if you want photos and a summary of what every speaker said then why don’t you send it to me and I will gladly post it, if not shut the F$%K UP.

    I am all for constructive criticism but you have none, you are the one that “bashes.” Believe me you have not won over a single person with your foolish comments.

    I just posted two articles for you to criticized and say how I am promoting myself. I will not engage you any further after this comment, you are not worth my time.

    You are truly a fool for wasting your time coming on a site you cannot stand and this goes to everyone else that follows in Tom Burke’s footsteps.

  10. To Tom Burke: Once again you know absolutely nothing, this site is visited by well over 1000 members each day.

    As for me being a delegate and “doing nothing,” again you know absolutely nothing.

    Since you asked for it , let me state some FACTS, NOT OPINION.

    I am the only member of this union to publicly post all of Walter Mack’s reports on the official local 157 website starting in 2004.

    I am the only member of this union to publicly write articles criticizing the Unity Team policies.

    In 2008 I am the only member of this union to publicly run against the Unity Team and expose their lies and some of the corruption which Forde was indicted for.

    Since 2007 (when I started this blog) and continuing today I am the only person in this union to publicly expose the lies of Frank Spencer, and have kept you informed about the corruption in this union.

    Do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that other members have not spoken out or contributed in their own way, the members who intelligently share their views have made this blog what it is today, and I thank them for that.

    I am just saying no one has done more to educate this membership and taken it to a level as I have.


    That is why you and thousands of other members come to this site.

    I am not looking for any praise a simply thank you for the hard work would be sufficient.

  11. I can't John, Its the Hanley thing.

  12. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT. This sight is for you to bash people on John. Show me one article where you are praising some one for the hard work they have done or for a apprentice who has become full book or one article as a memorial for a lost brother or sister. This site is all slander.. It's the JOHN MUSUMECI (VOTE FOR ME) site. Please you don't even get nominated in your own local. because you know no one will vote for you.

  13. Tom Burke: For someone that hates me and this blog you spend an awful amount of time reading every word and copying and pasting are obsessed and need help.

  14. Anonymous said...”I can't John, Its the Hanley thing.”

    You are really such a small minded person...exactly what do you mean by "Its the Hanley thing," and how does that comment relate to this blog?


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