Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Here, So Be There: "Rally 4 Solidarity"

Rain or Shine, The Rank and File will be Heard! 

Bring your whistles, Bring your signs and Bring your voice to the Biggest Rally in the history of this Union!

***Featured Guest Speakers***

Father Brian Jordan: Chaplin for the Building Trades, defender of members rights.
UBC Member Kevin Price: who won a freedom of speech case against the UBC!
New York City Council Member Eric Ulrich - Republican - District 32.
Retired UBC Member Gene Clark - veteran union activist.
Active UBC Members: Mike Bilello, Bill Lebo, Peter Corrigan, John Musumeci, Pat Nee, Olga Aguilar, Greg Butler, Donny Arana, Levi, Mike Connor, Dan Franco, Gerry Gausman, Robert Makowski, Calyx Wellington, Bill Walsh and more...

Also Special Guest Appearance by 608 Pipe and Drum Band!

You won't want to miss this historic rally, GET THERE & GET INVOLVED!!!

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Brothers and Sisters today we will come together standing in solidarity in front of 395 Hudson Street in the biggest Rally this District Council has ever seen. By standing in solidarity for our guaranteed democratic rights, we are going to send a loud and clear message to the UBC.

The Carpenters Union Belongs To It's Members!

Grab everyone you know and attend the biggest rally in Union history on Wednesday, April 13, at 3:30 pm!

Today's Forecast.
Join us in Saying:

YES TO One Member One Vote, In All UBC Elections
YES TO In Person, Mail In, & Internet Voting In All UBC Elections
YES TO Rank & File Elected Council Delegates Only
YES TO Rank & File Having An Effective Voice In Our Contracts
YES TO Rank & File Debating & Ratifying All Contracts
YES TO Rank & File Voting On All Dues & Assessments
YES TO Rank & File Election For Council Representatives
YES TO Freedom of Speech and Assembly Within The Union
YES TO Promoting Union Democracy
YES TO Full Financial Disclosure, Transparency & Accountability
YES TO Out-Of-Work List For NYCDC Members Only
YES TO Ending The Imposed Supplemental Pension Fund
NO TO 100% Mobility (no out of townerʼs on the OWL)
NO TO UBC Selling 395 Hudson Street
NO TO UBC Negotiating Our Contract
NO TO UBC Reducing Wages & Benefits
NO TO UBC Interior Local # 395

Organize! Educate! Agitate!

2011 Negotiating Committee: As of right NOW :This committee consist of General President Doug McCarron (CA), Supervisors: Frank Spencer (NJ) and John Ballantyne (NJ). ABSOLUTLEY no NYC representatives. Do you think this is right? Just because under supervision they have the legal right to negotiate our CBAs (Collective Bargaining Agreements), it makes no sense for three non-NYC, non-elected officials to be the only voice for 25,000 NYCDC members.

Ratify Contracts: We want the right to ratify our contracts! Almost every major union exercises this right. Why can’t we?

Delegate/Employee: Currently employees of the District Council are eligible to be nominated and elected (some have been appointed) to the Delegate Body. ARGUMENT: it creates a conflict of interest when an employee who represents the members are asked to side with the district council. SOLUTION: Members waive their delegate position once they accept employment with District Council, Labor Management, of Technical Labor College. ONLY RANK & FILE DELEGATES.

Full Mobility (mobility): Generally, it means the ability for contractors to hire 100% of their workforce (crews) and move workers from job to job. They’re many variations of mobility throughout the country. ARGUMENT: In NYC, as of today, the issue of full mobility is up in the air because of the Consent Decree. What you must know is the Mobility is the vision of General President Doug McCarron. He believes that by giving contractors mobility of their workforce, it would make our signatory contractors more competitive. Do you? It has the potential of eliminating any hall hiring whatsoever. If you are solely at the work mercy of a few employees, how does mobility prevent corruption, discrimination, and retaliation of union members? No one seems to know the answer. No seems to know HOW it will create more jobs? No one seems to know if they support it? NOT ACCEPTABLE! SOLUTION: NO to FULL MOBILITY in NYC!

(Interiors) Local 395: Originally proposed as a mobility local. After the dissolution of Local 608, Frank Spencer presented this to the members of Local 157. Feel free to ask Frank Spencer what this means, how it would be beneficial to union carpenters, how it would work. he had a difficult time explaining to the members that night.

McCarronism (Trade Raiding): We are sad to report that we are a union that often raids other union trades. This is a cause for concern. Nationwide, the Carpenter’s Union led by Doug McCarron grows further and further apart from other trade unions over this practice. The worst example to date is the Carpenter’s Electrical Local in St. Louis (local 57). You read right. Our union chartered a local to represent electrical workers. Our threat is unorganized labor (non-union). Why are we targeting organize union work? As the non-union threaten the livelihood of all the union trades, doesn’t it make sense that we have a united trade union front?

One Member One Vote: The ability of rank & file members to elect their local and District Council leaders. NYCDC is the only UBC district/regional council to directly elect their EST. In other parts of the country, the Delegate Body ELECTS the EST. Due to the consent decree, we so far have been able to preserve this right. However, just recently the UBC petitioned the court for the delegate system to replace ONE MAN ONE VOTE. We are glad to tell you that proposal was taken off the table!!

EST ELECTIONS: We will have EST elections!!!! The dates have not been set, but most likely Mid- December 2011. We have fought hard to remove International supervision and the retain the right to vote for our EST. Please do not neglect your obligation to be a good union member and vote when the time comes.

**Remember, you have to be in “good standing” the day of election to VOTE.**

People You should Know about:
Review Officer Dennis Walsh: Has been instrumental of the many changes taking place at the NYCDC. Dennis Walsh has the support of the rank and file. He is the person you want to talk about corruption and wrongdoings. He has a strict anonymous and confidential policy. He is also the person to contact about challenges you have with union issues (OWL problems) or if you have ideas on how to improve the system. Emails: and/or PHONE: 914.437.905

Judge Berman: Current Judge preserving over the NYCDC Consent Decree case.
NEXT COURT DATE: May 16, 2011 1pm at 500 Pearl Street Manhattan

Please take advantage of the NYCDC Carpenters Assistance Program
(212) 366-3360 or come visit them on the 8th Floor @ 395 Hudson Street.

“The Carpenters Assistance Program has been created to help the membership in any capacity that we can. Our services range from being a listening ear to setting up appropriate referrals to various outside organizations/agencies for various needs which include but are not limited to medical coverage, substance abuse, unemployment issues, workers compensation, disability and housing (affordable housing, foreclosures, refinances, modifications). Our goals are to provide more services to the membership, to educate the membership on their benefits as well as other services that exist in the community and to advocate on behalf of the members to ensure their voices, concerns and problems are addressed.”



  2. You purposely leave out Bill Walsh who has been at every meeting and very vocal you opportunist. You use every chance you can to dis someone don you john M

  3. Anonymous: You are an ass, I did not make up the speakers list. Bill is welcome to speak if he chooses to do so. Get your facts straight before you make accusations. You have nothing good to contribute, please stay home and do not attend this important rally.

  4. former local 608 pipe and drum band? what gives? i thought they were still the 608 pipe and drum band?

  5. curious...Corrected, thank you.

  6. Bill walsh was asked to speak john is correct,he has an active roll in the rally.

  7. Your permit is for how many people?

  8. Rally for Solidarity: headlined by a Catholic priest & a Republican poltician. The UBC Constitution: Our Principles; Section 3. "We recognize that the interests of all labor are identical regardless of occupation, sex, nationality, religion, or color, for a wrong done to one is a wrong done to all." And the Platform of the UBC Constitution clearly states: "1. Municipal service wholly divorced from partisan politics." Why do the rally organizers list Catholicism and the Republican Party above the voices of NYC rank and file Carpenters? If the rally is meant to build solidarity among all members, regardless of religious or political affiliation, then inviting religion and partisan politics to the rally actually detracts from the identical interests of all members, and organizing in general.

  9. John, I have been quietly observing all this wonderful, and positive activity and will come out and join the ralley tomorrow, BUT... it is still disturbing that the term "One MAN One Vote" is in print. Remember back in 2000, I and many members from around the country campaigned and stormed the convention with the call for "One Member One Vote". Solidarity is mutual support for all so don't forget your sisters who were loud and up front in the days when it was dangerous to speak out. "One Member One Vote" please, so that the new movement is inclusive of all its hard working members. In Solidarity, Lisa

  10. Lisa: You are absolutely correct, "One Member One Vote." I did not realize it until you pointed it out. I am on a committee for the rally and no one either on the committee or this blog picked that up.

    You are the first person to bring it to my attention. I do not speak for the committee but I am sure they would all agree it should be, One Member One Vote. I will change it on the blog, unfortunately some fliers are already printed. We could have used you on the committee, see you at the rally.

  11. Good luck- remember that the contractors are not the enemy. They will go bankrupt and non-union if things don't change.
    Ask yourselves a real question - What do you do that cannot be done by 8 guys ( 8 for 1) that can be picked up at Home Depot tomorrow morning?
    I wish you all the best, and hope that all are treated fairly.

  12. the contractors are not our enemy, but they will never be our friends. it's a give and take situation. The key word in our relation is FAIR. We don't want anything less or anything more. We are sick of our own acting like our worse enemy and selling us out. Fuck You McCarron!

  13. John;
    Thanks for your Rally coverage, and involvement. I noticed NYC Council Member Eric Ulrich's name is still up on the list of speakers, but he did not actually speak at the rally. Why did he not attend? In the interest of transparency and organizational accountability a representative of the Rally Committee should make a statement of clarification, because rumors are flying. Especially as a member of Local 45 Queens, I'd like to know why.
    And why did NYC Council Member Elizabeth Crowley cancel?
    The subject has been broached already by announcing they were going to speak, so there should be follow up.

  14. Anonymous: If you watch the video Father Jordan said he received a telephone call not to attend the can watch the video and listen to his response.

    I have also been told that NYC Council members Eric Ulrich and Elizabeth Crowley received similar calls not to attend the rally, and they withdrew from appearing. It has been rumored that someone made the calls telling the council members that this was an anti-union rally.

  15. John;
    Did Father Jordan, or the politicians, say who told him not to attend the rally? Was it from the UBC?


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