Saturday, April 30, 2011

President Gausman Snubbed

Why is Local 157 President Gerry Gausman being snubbed?

Today I received this postcard (First Class Postage) from Local 157 Recording Secretary Mitchell Sonntag, informing me of a special meeting for nominations of candidates, and Gausman's name is not on the card. Why?

Gausman was appointed Vice President pro tem by President Pro tem Michael Bilello on March 21, 2011 (when Lawrence D’Errico was still the President of the Local), since that time Gausman has been serving as the Vice President pro tem.

On April 12, Review Office (RO) Dennis Walsh vetoed President Lawrence D'Errico, thereby making Gausman, President, in accordance with Section 34 of the UBC constitution.

On April 21st, the RO sent a message to the executive committee confirming Gausman's appointment, so why the snub?

Who authorized this postcard mailing? Was President Gausman consulted? Who is running the Local?



  2. John are you F@#KIN kidding me he ran to the RO because he new he couldnt run the meeting he came up with the suggestion to have a new pro tem election he`s a coward and couldnt lead a group of fat kids into a Mcdonalds were you there when he lied to the members???

  3. Read the constitution thtas the recording secretary's job.

  4. To Anonymous: Really, When was the last time you received a mailing from just the Recording Secretary? In the past both the President and Recording Secretary name appeared on all mailings.


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