Sunday, April 3, 2011

Carpenters' Committee for Democracy Launch New Blog

Carpenters' Committee for Democracy has put up a new blog and included a Carpenters4Carpenters forum. They say it is a "blog for and about Carpenters here in New York City." The blog has absolutely no information on it whatsoever. It does not list the members that signed the petition, it does not state any issues, (other than posting a poll) and it does not list any documents other than the UBC Constitution. Can someone tell me who hired Cary Kane to speak on behalf of the membership, where did he come from and what this "Carpenters' Committee for Democracy" is all about? (see forum) I did sign the petition without knowledge an attorney would be hired, without additional information I do not support this group.

Also Pat Nee made a motion at the February meeting for the local to hire legal counsel to petition the court to have the Council classified as a local as defined by the LMRDA, does anyone have any information or know the if the local has acted on this motion?

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  2. I think the local aready has lawyers,they have had lawyers for a few years know. Problem is they dont use them to protect us the membership or to protect the local from hostile dissolvement. This matter will be adressed by the new guys immediatly.

  3. The new guys might be the UBC

  4. Don't fall for JOHN DALYS lies.
    Lets put him in jail with the other scumbags!


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